Roaring With Attitude

Whether you are retired, semi-retired or still working, your days can get pretty busy — maybe even out of control busy. Some days I find my TO DO list is so long, that even a legal size tablet sheet of paper isn’t enough! For those days when I have deadlines and things that simply “must” get done (no matter what), I make myself a strong latte and summon my extra support: my coffee mug with an attitude.

“Attitude” is a state of mind. Even very simple and basic things can keep us fueled with positive thoughts and provide the motivation we need to really get things done. My coffee mug is one of them!

A long time ago, a friend of mine gave me an Anne Taintor mug for my birthday. Anyone who’s familiar with Anne Taintor knows her work is hysterically funny with heavy doses of delightful sarcasm. What a perfect gift! Back then I had a high pressure job, and this mug had me rolling on the floor. Every time I filled it up with coffee first thing in the morning, it made me laugh. And what better way to start off an intense day than with laughter??

Even being semi-retired, I have many days that require me to put the “pedal to the metal,” On those days my Anne Taintor mug still comes out – still makes me laugh – and still gets my days off to a great start!

Find out what simple things can rev up your day with a positive attitude. Even in times of difficulty whether they be health issues, financial issues, family problems and everything in between, sometimes a stubborn, but positive attitude can get you through the worst of times. Maybe it’s not a snarky coffee mug that gets you going — maybe you need to wake up to the sound of Twisted Sister’s We’re Not Gonna Take It.  Maybe it’s a quick 15 minute walk or workout before you start your day — or perhaps a visit to your favorite barista for that special cup of gourmet coffee.

Find those little bits of simplicity that can get you off on the right foot every morning. Count your blessings, simplify and de-clutter your mind and lifestyle to help you keep a great attitude and stay focused. Katy Perry launched her 2013 power song Roar – an instant, relatable hit. But Helen Reddy hit on the “roar” thing first in 1972 with her high octane song:  I Am Woman (hear me roar).

No matter what your age or gender, keeping it simple will allow you time to take on the things that are TRULY important in your life. Find your own personal motivation in the small stuff whether it be a coffee mug or something else. Department stores and office supply stores are chocked full of perky, peppy, positive and just plain fun items for your home or office. Keep them handy as reminders that you have things to do — or just to keep a smile on your face. When you feel really good and have hit one of your goals, take Helen and Katy’s advice and let out that ROAR!

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