Murder Uncorked by Maddie Day

Mystery maven Maddie Day brings us another cozy series debut with her Murder Uncorked. This is the first in her new Cece Barton Mystery series with a beautiful wine country setting. A charming cozy read, perfect for the fall.

In fact, the book opens in October in California’s Alexander Valley, a region known for wine producing. Cece Barton manages a wine bar while Allie, her twin sis, runs a local Victorian bed and breakfast. It’s a sleepy community until the grape harvest and tourist season hits – and right now it’s hitting hard.

Even though the wine bar is bustling, Cece can’t help but overhear an intensely heated argument between Vincent Sardo and newcomer/consultant, Benjamin Cohen, concerning the Vineyard Valley Association (VVA). Apparently there’s a lot going on with the VVA and Vincent is in charge of the publicity.

But when one of the locals winds up murdered, Cece starts wondering if it had something to do with the VVA and the argument in the wine bar. Was someone “cooking” the books? If so, did the victim know of the embezzlement and was silenced? Could this have something to do with Benjamin, the questionable new consultant that recently arrived to work with the VVA?

While she’s simply analyzing the tragic crime, she comes face-to-face with another new arrival, Sergeant Kelly Danielle. It’s immediately obvious Cece and Sergeant Danielle will never be BFFs — but when Cece winds up on the sergeant’s suspect list, her casual curiosity of the murder turns into a personal sleuthing expedition.

As Cece firmly digs her heels firmly into the ground, she’s finding more and more motives, meaning more and more suspects. Could an inheritance be involved? Could a friend’s desperate ex husband turn into a cold-blooded killer? Is there a father protecting his daughter from a perv?

Maddie Day wants you to figure it out, box it up and put a bow on it! As usual, one can always count on Ms. Day to bring us spot-on characters and a puzzling plot to give us top of the line cozy entertainment!

Grab your copy of this “first” in her new Cece Barton Mystery series, Murder Uncorked – JUST RELEASED from Kensington Publishing.

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