A Cryptic Clue by Victoria Gilbert

The first in a brand new series from Victoria Gilbert, A Cryptic Clue is sure to have any cozy mystery fan screaming “gimme more!”

It’s a highly unlikely partnership: 60ish Jane Hunter, a retired librarian and 30ish Cameron Clewe, a wealthy but eccentric businessman and collector.

But it’s also a mix that makes for a some outrageous behavior, incredible fun and an interesting cast of characters. Jane is was forced to retire. She needs money to help supplement her pension to survive in our high-priced world. She lands a gig with Cameron Clewe who hires her to catalog his massive collection of rare old books – and it’s right up her alley.

At first it takes Jane a bit of getting used to. This boss is like no other. Cameron (Cam) has more issues than anyone she’s ever known. He doesn’t like leaving the house, he’s socially awkward, he lacks emotion, he’s demanding, has anxiety disorders, is callous and abrasive.

The upside is that he pays her well and she enjoys what she’s doing. Plus she soon realizes Cam can’t get enough of mysteries and true crimes. His collection of mysteries and crime classics are beyond enviable. Jane also is a mystery/crime aficionado. At last they share a common thread – and it’s to Jane’s advantage.

When a friend of Cam’s is murdered right in his own mansion, he’s cold and unemotional. Jane wonders if perhaps she’s working for a killer! But when she decides to do her own investigating, methodically making a list of suspects and motives — she finds out Cam is doing the exact same thing!

Cam offers to give her a raise IF she’ll help him ferret out a cold-blooded killer (in addition to cataloging his books, of course). And that’s how two very different people became two very good partners in the sleuthing world!

And they both have their hands full. With Cam’s social connections, a gala held at his home, plenty of scholars as house guests, plus his own staff, there’s no shortage of suspects. Add to the fact that the deceased was young, wealthy, spoiled and ruthless when it came to investments – now you’ve got plenty of motives to pick from!

As Jane and Cam team up to take down a very slippery killer, they realize, as bizarre as it may seem, they are a perfect mystery buster duo.

Hats off to the first in this brand new Hunter and Clewe Mystery Series. Victoria Gilbert has given us superb, entertaining characters and a unique setting. But most of all, as you keep reading, that old saying will come to mind: “….and so the plot thickens”!

Just released in July by Crooked Lane Publishing, cozy lovers will NOT want to miss this grand new entry into the cozy literary world.

A copy of this book and cover photo were provided by Crooked Lane Publishing.

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