Groovin’ With God

Definition of Groovin: To react or interact harmoniously.

In 1967 the Rascals gave us their hit song Groovin’. It’s a beautiful laidback, mellow song about enjoying a Sunday afternoon with someone special. It’s also a Sunday afternoon here. The sun is shining, the weather is spectacular and I found myself sitting outside on my special garden bench, “groovin’” with someone special – God.”

I’m feeling quietly thankful. I’m feeling blessed. Sitting outside among the splendor of nature on a beautiful spring day is sure to give all of us an instant mood boost. It’s the perfect time to “chill” – to “reflect” – and to be, above all, “thankful.”

No doubt about it, the world is going through extremely volatile times. News headlines are screaming the worst of the worst and downplaying the “good stuff” that, yes, is still going on around us. It’s Heroes vs. Villains and unfortunately, upbeat, positive stories seem to get buried in the news.

It’s very important to note that there are still plenty of daily stories about unsung heroes – everyday folks who have gone above and beyond to save the life of another person. There are stories out there about timeless love and devotion, and incredible rescues from all types of disasters. LOOK FOR THE POSITIVE – it’s there, it will help you balance out the bad stuff.

And as we maneuver through these trying times, it’s important to reflect and pray for world peace and unity. It’s also the time to pray for our own spiritual strength and courage, good health and the financial means to survive. Our time of reflection is when we put the negativity around us aside and be in harmony with God.

When was the last time you found a quiet place just to sit, reflect and groove with God? When was the last time you leaned on Him to help you out of some rough situations? When was the last time you thanked Him for all your blessings, both great and small?

When you groove with God it’s just the two of you connecting spiritually. Connecting with God is a surefire way to begin and/or end your day. It’s a way to help you feel better mentally – and when you feel better mentally, you also feel better physically.

Find that special place in your home or outside with nature. Then do some groovin’ with God: get mellow, get thankful, get positive….know that your connection with God is strong and unbreakable. Groovin’ with God is a way for each of us to stay “grounded.” He is always here to listen and will help us to navigate through the choppy waters of “life.”

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