Vinyl Dice (from the Oldies Vault)

Feeling lucky in love? Feeling lucky at the casino? Enjoy these Vinyl Dice oldies flashbacks.

In 1950, Frank Loesser wrote Luck Be A Lady. Although covered heavily by Sinatra, including on his live Sinatra At The Sands album, it was actually first performed by Simon Mullins. Luck Be A Lady was featured in the smash musical Guys and Dolls.

One of the most acclaimed Elvis movies is Viva Las Vegas where Presley plays a race car driver trying to score enough money in Vegas to buy a new race car. But anyone whose watched that movie knows there was more gyration flying around between Ann Margaret and Elvis, than there were casino chips! A fun, upbeat retro movie to watch on a rainy day with a killer soundtrack!

The 4 Seasons pop classic, Lucky Ladybug covered all the lucky-in-love bases by singing about: 4 leaf clovers, rabbit’s foot, cat’s eye, horseshoe and the lucky stars above. Quietly catchy and fun to hear again after all these years.

The lyrics to Herb Alpert’s Bond hit, Casino Royale, is a catchy tale about 7 James Bonds at Casino Royale that came to save the world and win themselves a gal. While six went to a heavenly spot, uh oh – one went to a place that’s really hot!

In 1978 Kenny Rogers knew how to hold ‘em and sure knew how to ‘fold ‘em when he scored his big Billboard Hit, The Gambler. In 1980 he starred in the TV Film, The Gambler and played Brady Hawkes, a gambler trying to re-unite with a son he never knew (played by Ronnie Scribner).

Ruth Brown knew she’d never be alone – she didn’t need a good luck charm, her lucky lips kept the fellows on her arm!

Or maybe you can relate to poor Lloyd Price wailing the blues about Lady Luck turning her back on him or Madonna (giddily) singing to her boyfriend that he’s her Lucky Star. Either way, these oldies are sure to bring back some Vinyl Dice memories:

Luck Be A Lady – (written in 1950, Simon Mullins, Sinatra and many others)

Wheel of Fortune – Kay Starr (‘52)

Lucky Lips – Ruth Brown (‘57)

Theme From Mr. Lucky (TV series 1959) – Henry Mancini

Lady Luck – Lloyd Price (‘60)

Lucky Lady Bug – The 4 Seasons (‘63)

Viva Las Vegas – Elvis Presley (‘64)

Casino Royale – Herb Alpert (‘67)

Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man – Bob Seger (‘69)

Tumbling Dice – Rolling Stones (‘72)

The Gambler – Kenny Rogers (‘78)

Lucky Star – Madonna (‘84)

Lucky – Greg Kihn Band (‘85)

Load these Vinyl Dice oldies into your favorite listening devices or check them out on YouTube. Good stuff from decades gone by.

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