Irish Knit Murder by Peggy Ehrhart

Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, Peggy Ehrhart gives us her newest Knit & Nibble mystery: Irish Knit Murder.

This charming and delightful tale is filled with plenty of St. Patrick’s day spirit all taking place in the quaint and quiet town of Arborville. Did I say “quiet”? Well, let me correct myself. The senior center is brimming with St. Patrick’s Day food, foot tapping and swaying to the sometimes boisterous songs by local singer and heiress, Isobel Lister, accompanied by her piano playing partner.

But the party gaiety comes to an abrupt end, along with someone at the senior center. It’s not a wee bit of Irish, but a wee bit of murder when someone at the party is found dead in a back room.

Pamela Paterson is a writer for a quilting and knitting magazine. Bettina Fraser is a reporter for the Arborville Weekly Newspaper. These two BFF’s were both at the senior center party – and along with everyone else in attendance, truly horrified.

But when Pamela and Bettina get to yakking (as women do) and put their heads together, they can’t help but get involved in their own brand of sleuthing – after all, since both of them are writers and news hounds, they can’t help but have a very inquisitive nature.

The local police are searching for a motive – but nothing is clear cut. They know two people left the event early (who may or may not be involved). They know there was a struggle of some sort. They know a woman is dead.

But Pamela and Bettina soon come up with their own suspects and possible motives. Breaking this case would certainly be a feather in Bettina’s cap and the Arborville Weekly Newspaper.

Together they discover the victim was involved with both a much younger man and older man – love triangle gone bad? How about the victim’s former childhood friend who seems to be harboring decade’s old secrets?

Then there’s the local Wiccan who is harboring a grudge against St. Patrick himself! Maybe she just wanted to end the St. Patrick’s Day parties once and for all! And what about a suspicious florist burning rubber out of the center’s parking lot right after the murder?

But when there’s ghostly goings-on in the cemetery involving a knitted shroud, Pamela and Betinna have a feeling they can crack the case!

Peggy Ehrhart’s characters in her Knit & Nibble series are a down home hoot! In Irish Knit Murder, it’s all things fun and festively green for an enjoyable St. Patrick’s Day treat for cozy fans. Check out this brand new release from Ms. Ehrhart and the folks at Kensington Publishing.

A copy of this book was provided by the author; photo provided by the publisher.

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