Irish Coffee Murder by Leslie Meier

Another fun St. Patrick’s Day cozy read: Irish Coffee Murder. This trilogy finds 3 of our favorite cozy authors, once again, up to task of giving us 3 cozy tales, each featuring characters from their most popular series.

IRISH COFFEE MURDER by Leslie Meier has Lucy Stone, reporter for Tinker Cove Maine’s newspaper, covering a story of 4 teenage girls competing in the regional competition of Irish step dancing. It’s an event sure to launch the winner into a higher level of professional dancing. But things between the 4 girl’s moms aren’t so professional – and when one of them winds up dead, mild-mannered (but tough) Lucy Stone is on the case. Lucy Stone is such a whip smart and endearing character that you can’t help but follow in her footsteps as she tries to crack the case and weed out a heartless killer.

In this story, too many Irish coffees and the old saying still applies: Loose lips sinks ships.

DEATH OF AN IRISH COFFEE DRINKER by Lee Hollis gives us a victim with an unusual demise. Jefferson O’Keefe, a popular comedian, is returning to his hometown for a gig on St. Patrick’s Day. Hayley Powell is catering an after-party event for O’Keefe at her brother’s bar, Drinks Like A Fish. The designer Irish Coffee’s are flowing – and so is murder! With a bar full of partying people, “how” the murder was committed and “why” become a challenge. And are you up to the challenge to unravel this creative cozy?

With a wide range of suspects you’ll wonder if you should “follow the green (as in money),” pursue the “green-eyed monster (jealousy)” or perhaps something else entirely…

PERKED UP  by Barbara Ross begins on a snowy, blustery St. Patrick’s Day in Busman Harbor Maine. But no worries for the Snowden family and their guest, Captain George. They’re all snuggled in with festive food and Irish Coffees. But when the power goes out, things go from boring to spooky as Captain George starts spinning a ghost story featuring an unsolved murder that happened over 150 years ago. When neighbors see candle lights at the Snowdens, they trudge through the beastly weather and join them. Suddenly it’s a full-fledged St. Patrick’s Day party. Everyone is enjoying the ghost story and giving their own take on the murder and who they suspect was the killer.

It’s a twisty tale within a tale and all the suspects are long deceased. But after150 years, the murderer is finally exposed – thanks to all the info gathered at the St. Patrick’s Day party.

There’s simply no better time than now to “go green” with Irish Coffee Murder, a compilation of home-town charm, down-to-earth characters and home-spun murder! Enjoy this book with a steaming cup of coffee – perhaps even Irish coffee. My St. Patrick’s Day cozy reading drink of choice: a strong cup of Colombian coffee with a hit of Bailey’s Irish Cream, topped with whipped cream and a side of warm buttered soda bread.

Grab your copy of this new release from Kensington Publishing and start celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with a wee bit of murder!

A copy of this book and photo were provided by Kensington Publishing.

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