Blessings From God: An Open Letter

For me, turning 60 was a true milestone.  I couldn’t help but sit back and reflect on all that I accomplished in my lifetime.  There were plenty of good times, plenty of bad times, and some really hard times – but as Sinatra would say:  That’s Life.

I don’t care if other folks have a better car or larger house or have the luxury of traveling the world.  I don’t care if they have more money than I do – in the scheme of life, it just isn’t that important.  Let’s face it – there will ALWAYS be someone that has more than you do and many more that have less than you do.  If you’re viewing this blog then you have a computer, new phone or tablet – you are fortunate!  Many folks can’t even view this post because they can’t afford any kind of new technology. Their money dilemma is choosing between their meds or buying food or possibly struggling to keep their home.

What’s important?  Appreciating and counting our blessings of what we “have” – NOT what we “don’t have.”  I used to tell my mom:  As long as I have good friends and family, a decent roof over my head, a decent car to get me around and can afford a good cup of coffee – well, then frankly, I have it all!  Life doesn’t have to be that complicated, but sometimes we make it more complex than it is.

As I evaluated my life, I wanted to be sure that my friends and family that influenced me the most, knew the impact they made on my life.  So I typed up a letter on my computer and listed all my blessings that I was so very thankful for over the years.  I talked about how blessed I was to count them as my “friend” and that I am who I am today because of them.   Some were family members, some were my ex-bosses, some were my long-time friends since the early 70’s, etc.  Everyone who made a positive difference in my life got a copy of my letter. I stated that if they received this letter, they were an important person in my life who helped make me who I am today, and for that, I will always be grateful.

I printed off multiple copies.  Nothing says “personal” like old school — I put the letters in a nice envelope and mailed them complete with a real stamp!

You don’t have to reach a milestone age to be thankful and reflective.  Reach out to all the special people who became part of your life and made a positive impact.  A personal letter is something they will appreciate, cherish and most likely, hold on to for years to come!

LIFE IS SHORT – NEVER TAKE GOD’S BLESSINGS FOR GRANTED.  Have you told the people you love how much they meant to you over the years?  No better time than right now.


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