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If you’re a music fan, you’ll be delighted to know that Wonder Women Sixty is planning on more music related posts in the near future. If you’ve visited our music category before, you’ll note that we’ve reviewed concerts and new releases. We’ve even interviewed award winning blues-rocker, Paul Thorn (see Music Category/Reviews) and reviewed books on music and musicians.

For those of you who love to dig into the oldies vault, our Music Category/Oldies, takes you back in time, reminding you of classic songs and forgotten hits from the 50’s through the 90’s.

Now Wonder Women Sixty has added an AUDIO category. To kick it off, we’re featuring the music of Man of Sound. Man of Sound is a contemporary new musician who specializes in upbeat, positive and happy music. It’s instrumental music at its very best. You can hear his newest release, Party House, by clicking on the promo ad here on the site.

When I first heard Party House, it was an instant mood booster. I found myself rockin’ and swaying at the computer. Finally I just gave up, got out of my chair, and as they say: Dance like nobody’s watching. So I did (and thankfully “nobody” was watching). Feeling a bit down? Check out some of his instant “happy” songs to lift your spirits right up! Want some beautiful calming music? – well, he’s got that covered too! Need that extra burst of energy to clean the house or tackle boring chores? Then put on some Man of Sound and get them done twice as quick!

Wonder Women Sixty is happy to be able to showcase musicians, especially new arrivals on the scene. If you want to hear more music by Man of Sound, visit the newly added Audio Category.

CLASSIC ROCKERS STAND BY: we’re featuring a review of the fabulous new coffee table book, Booze & Vinyl (2nd Edition), coming to this site soon!

In addition to music posts, Wonder Women Sixty is here to provide the very best book reviews including mysteries and thrillers, plus easy life-style tips, health tips, quick/easy recipes and more. Thank You for visiting this site and be sure to check back often!

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