Mugshots of Manhattan by Christin Brecher

This refreshing uptown cozy wowed me right from the very beginning with it’s “3-day red carpet extravaganza” being hosted by Grammy-Award winning superstar, Bisa.

Twenty eight-year-old Liv Spyers has a small photography studio and living quarters in the downstairs of her grandparent’s brownstone. It’s been 2 years since she re-located from NJ to NYC and her business is finally on solid ground.

Now she’s faced with her most exciting (and profitable) free-lance gig yet – she’s the official photographer for mega pop star, Bisa. But Bisa and her 3-day event go beyond just her Grammy Award. She’s also starring in a movie with Oscar winner Felix Montgomery, plus has upcoming concert tours, is starting her own line of Bisa Diamonds and is even donating her newly built home to the city as a music school!

Things are sure looking up for Liv in the business world AND her love life. Her boyfriend, Harry, is an uptown guy to her downtown life. He’s an art appraiser – NOT! That’s just his cover. He’s really working as undercover agent for the Art Crime Unit (ACU) tracking down high-end art thieves.

When the author, Christin Brecher, came up with the character of Harry and his “hush hush” job – she not only made Liv and Harry an exciting duo – but gave us a different twist on cozy mysteries.

Harry is hot on the heels of a super slick art thief known as The Cardinal. He’s trailing him all over the world, including right back to NYC !

Liv is finding herself immersed in “Bisa Mania”.  The whole city has gone quite mad! As she’s sequestered into Bisa’s most inner circle for the 3-day photo shoot, she’s also immersed in what appears to be a covered up case of murder! But Liv’s suspicions are ignored. She’s a “nobody” to Bisa’s staff – and “nobody” becomes “no body” – so was there a murder or not?

Even more disturbing — someone that’s part of Bisa’s elite entourage could be a killer: Bisa’s managers, fiance, ex hubby, head of security – or heaven forbid, even Bisa herself!

Simultaneously, Harry and Liv each have their own heavy duty missions. Hers is the overwhelming Bisa 24/7 photo shoot – his is capturing the elusive and slippery Cardinal. When Liv accidentally gets caught up in Harry’s world, and he gets dragged into hers, it’s a lively plot that’s unique, solid and downright fun!

The highest praise for Christin Brecher’s exhilarating first cozy in her new “Snapshot of NYC Mystery” series. This story is so well done, it will have a mass appeal to both younger cozy fans and older fans alike. Face-paced and smart, don’t miss Christin Brecher’s new release, Mugshots of Manhattan from Kensington Books.

A copy of this book and photo were provided by Kensington Books.

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