Daily Thankfulness

In 1990 M.C. Hammer released his biggest hit song:  Pray.  This song was fantastic in so many ways.  It’s motivational, energetic and still relevant, especially in the world we live in today.  If you don’t know the song or haven’t heard it in a while, re-visit it on YouTube.  The videos are positively happy and uplifting.

But more importantly, Hammer sends out a message loud and clear as to the importance of daily prayer.  It’s easy to forget to be thankful every day – and this song is a riveting reminder.  The song itself borrows heavily from Prince’s When Doves Cry and was sanctioned by Prince himself.

Hammer sings about the trials and tribulations facing the world every day…he calls some of them out and then adds “…but nothing happened ‘til the day I prayed.”  The repetitious “We need to pray just to make it today” is downright infectious.  Pray is a catchy song for both young and old with a positive message…it may even have you dancing around in your living room to its ferocious, heavy duty dance beat.

As we all struggle to get through not only the pandemic, but life in general, prayer is more important than ever.  Need a boost to get you into the habit of daily prayer?  Check out daily prayer books online or in a local retail store.  I keep a copy of The One Year Book of Personal Prayer by Tyndale Press on my night stand.  It reminds me every morning and evening about the power of prayer.

It doesn’t matter whether you like to quietly celebrate and pray or just shout out your blessings and praises to the world – it’s all good.    If you aren’t already praying daily, make a conscious effort starting today to incorporate the power of prayer into your life.  Share your burdens with God and let Him help you break through the roadblocks of life.

High energy Christian Pop and Gospel can help you stay motivated to get closer to God.  If you checked out M.C. Hammer’s Pray on YouTube and it got you going physically and spiritually, then check out the song and video for Stomp released in 1997 by gospel group God’s Property, featuring Salt-N-Pepa rapper, Cheryl James, and Christian urban singer, Kirk Franklin.  They sing out to put our hands together and join them in a Holy Ghost party – positively exhilarating!

Some of the best old-time gospel groups like the Mighty Clouds of Joy, The Staple Singers, The Soul Stirrers and The Blind Boys of Alabama, are still a joy to listen to when you’re feeling down.  Classic hymns from the past can also fill you with a quiet peace.  Check out CDS, videos and online music to load onto your favorite listening devices.

Want to read a thoroughly entertaining and inspirational book?  Then check out my book review of I Am Charlie Wilson by Charlie Wilson of the Gap Band under the BOOKS: General category.  It’s a moving story of Wilson’s life and his struggles when he lost everything, but through the power of prayer, pulled himself out of the gutter.

Daily prayer and thankfulness are more important now than ever.  Hammer’s Pray gave us great advice:   “ …take a minute, bust a prayer and you’re good to go”.


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