A Deadly Walk In Devon by Nicholas George

Nicholas George makes his superb writing debut with A Deadly Walk In Devon.

This solid mystery begins when a small group gathers for a walking tour through the English countryside. Retired ace detective Rick “Chase” Chasen is still grieving over the loss of his husband, Doug. A walking tour in the great outdoors might be just what he needs to help clear his head.

The tour group is spending several days at a stately Victorian mansion. Chase is delighted to discover one of his old walking tour pals, Billie, is part of the tour group. She’s a retired librarian and thrilled to catch up with her long-time friend.

It’s a small group. The tour leader, Sally Anders and the group’s manager, Howie, make all the proper guest introductions. The guests come from assorted backgrounds: some retired and others in various business ventures.

But two tour participants can’t be missed: Mr. and Mrs. Gretz. He’s a wealthy health-care tycoon. His third wife, Summer, is a flashy piece of “arm candy.”

It doesn’t take but a few minutes after the introductions for everyone on the tour to loathe Mr. Gretz. He’s demeaning not only to his wife, but to everyone around him. Filled with contempt and anger, he’s on the verge of completely spoiling the entire walking tour.

When Gretz learns that Chase was a former detective, he confides in Chase that “someone is out to get him.” Chase figures he might be just paranoid – but then again, as nasty as Mr. Gretz is, he’s bound to have a multitude of enemies.

But as the first few days of their walks go by, Mr. Gretz has 3 “accidents” that could have been fatal. Now Chase is paying serious attention. One accident — ok. Two — questionable. Three – what are the odds?

This twisty mystery will keep readers guessing. When murder strikes someone in the group during one of their walks, Chase finds himself working with the local constable. It’s no surprise that most of the guests have some pretty sketchy backgrounds. Fraud, blackmail, embezzlement – even gold-digging, all possible motives for a blatant murder.

I absolutely LOVED this mystery. The walking tour atmosphere through the English countryside is rich with authenticity. I felt like I was right there with the group (and you will, too). Turns out the author, himself, is an avid walker, and it really shows! It also makes for a strong and unique setting for this whip-smart cozy mystery!

A Walk In Devon is the first in Nicholas George’s A Walk Through England Mystery series – and I for one, can’t wait for the next entry!

A copy of this book and cover photo were provided by: Kensington Publishing

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