Coffee With God

WINTER 2019:  At 5:30 this morning the temperature outside was 23 degrees and the winds were lightly blowing. The stars and planets shown as bright as ever through the heavy cloak of morning darkness.  The white solar lights above the distressed green metal bench in my backyard were still twinkling.  I donned my heaviest, warmest parka over my blue flannel pajamas, popped my red knit cap on my head and slipped into knee-high polka dotted rubber boots.  With my cup of morning coffee in one hand and a flashlight in the other, I headed out to the garden bench.

Funny how 23 degrees sounds so cold, but if you’re dressed for it from head to toe, the temperature is quite meaningless.  With fingerless gloves sheltering my hands, I sipped my coffee from a small ceramic thermos and thanked God for yet another glorious new day as we inch our way through the first month of the New Year.

Here on this average metal bench, in an average backyard, during an average winter day, it just felt right to have my second cup of morning coffee with God.

While there are always friends and family that desperately need my prayers and His healing, I always start off by saying “thank you”  — for all my blessings both great and small.  No matter how challenging our lives can be, sitting there on that bench any time of year, any time of day or night, gives me a solid reminder that we are not alone – He is there by our side – ALWAYS.

Last year on a job interview, I met a wonderful man named Peter.  We talked about the marketing industry, people we knew from the past and present and then, somehow, we got to talking about God.  Like some of my previous employers, he had made a valid point about God that has stayed with me ever since.

He was spot-on when he said he had noticed that when folks really had serious troubles in their lives and needed God the most, sadly, that’s when a lot of folks forgot about Him.  After I returned home, I pondered our discussion and realized he was so very right.  As we go down the various highways of life, there will be detours and roadblocks along the way.  That’s when we need Him the most, and that can be when it’s easiest to forget that He is still there by our side – knocking down the negative roadblocks and keeping us on the positive highway of life.

Sitting on that bench with my morning refill of coffee, the air on my face felt fresh and crisp.  It made me feel alive and renewed.  Unlike a lot of folks, I embrace the wonder of winter.  I am getting quite anxious to see if our first snow of 2019 will arrive as predicted.  Nothing makes me happier than seeing the peaceful beauty of newly fallen snow…so clean, so pure, it is truly one of God’s gifts to us.

Having my coffee with God helps keep my life in perspective as I maneuver through the good times and the bad times.  I hope having coffee with God will help you, too.  Find that special spot in your home or backyard and start your day with a soothing cup of coffee, then draw your strength from the power of God.

I look forward to going outside early tomorrow morning with another cup of coffee in hand.  Hopefully, I’ll be brushing a few inches of snow off my garden bench and enjoying yet another gift from God – HIS BRAND NEW DAY!

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