The King Falls by R.J. Lee

There’s so much to LOVE about R.J. Lee’s Bridge to Death mystery series set in the Deep South, Rosalie, Mississippi. In his latest installment, The King Falls, R.J. brings us yet another superb mystery guaranteed to keep you entertained for hours!

This entry in the series finds Wendy Winchester Rierson, investigative reporter and crime solver, suspiciously eyeing a bridge party invite. She’s also president of the Rosalie Country Club where there’s plenty of activities, including regular bridge games.

The questionable invite is from King Kohl, a sharp businessman locked into the family’s real estate business. It’s not unusual for King to host lavish bridge parties, but this invite is promising the party to be ultimate blowout! But as Wendy soon finds out, this is not for the usual bridge party-goers. This is an exclusive party for a few people and King definitely has something up his sleeve.

The news seeps out that King has a life-altering announcement that will be made at his exclusive party. And this is where, as they say, the plot thickens (and we know something big is going down)! Not only is King successful in business, but he’s got an “eye” for the ladies.

Wendy and her detective hubby, Ross begin to wonder if the hush hush secret is related to one of King’s ladies – possibly a woman scorned? Or maybe there’s going to be a big shakeup for the family-owned business? Maybe a terrible health issue revealed? A surprise wedding? A surprise baby? Who knows (I sure didn’t)?

R.J. Lee taunts us throughout the book with King’s hidden secret – his “big announcement.” I drove myself nuts trying to figure out what it was – and to R.J.’s credit, he kept dangling that carrot – and did it sooooo well! We’re cajoled and taunted to figure out his secret and how it ties into a local murder.

Ah yes — a murder. And there’s no shortage of suspects or motives. If you’re an armchair sleuth you’ll have plenty to ponder knowing that IF you can figure out King’s big announcement, you might just figure out the real motive and unmask the real killer. Or ride along with Wendy as she uses her investigative skills and “intuition” to help uncover King’s secret.

Everything about this series stands out. You can tell by the “fun” cover art that you’re in for a jolly good time! Enjoy R.J. Lee’s southern fried characters combined with a nefarious dose of murder and some flash-fried red herrings. The King Falls is another winner in this 4-book series and a perfect tale for a chilly winter night!

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