Overkilt by Kaitlyn Dunnett

Looking through my private book vault, I came across Kaitlyn Dunnett’s Overkilt. Even though it was published in 2018, it’s still (thankfully) available.

Overkilt is a solid whodunit sure to delight cozy readers especially on these upcoming chilly nights. The setting is Moosetookalook, Maine. Thanksgiving is coming up quick and Liss MacCrimmon Ruskin has been busy gearing up her Scottish Emporium for the onslaught of holiday shoppers.

Her father-in-law, Joe Ruskin, runs The Spruces, a recently renovated Victorian era hotel, and today she’s meeting her husband Dan in the hotel’s bar. While she waits for Dan, she can’t help but notice an older man in a shabby black suit talking to Joe. By his side are two women with braided hair wearing high-necked, floor length purple dresses.

As Liss takes in the odd trio, she has no idea that the man Joe is having a heated discussion with is Hadley Spinner – and he’s about to turn her small, peaceful town completely upside down!

Hadley Spinner is a self-proclaimed leader of the New Age Pilgrims – a group usually housing a dozen or so followers. They live on the outskirts of town, and the women are sent into town to earn extra money doing housework.

The Pilgrims are self-sufficient and have been living somewhat quietly and peacefully, keeping to themselves. But Hadley Spinner is becoming more and more controlling, more aggressive – and he’s downright spiteful when he doesn’t get his way.

Hadley is not happy that Joe Ruskin is not interested in hiring his ladies to work at the hotel.

Now he has Joe Ruskin and his hotel on his vengeful radar screen and things are about to get seriously ugly.

In the midst of gearing up for the most important holiday season for the small businesses of Moosetookalook, the Pilgrims are picketing the town square to the boycott The Spruces, even spreading lies online about the hotel. Angry mobs are being bused in and are filling the streets – all thanks to Haldey’s social media smear campaign!

Then as if there isn’t enough trouble in town, one of the Pilgrims winds up being murdered! But when Liss finds out one of her closet relatives is the #1 suspect, she and her hard-headed mom, Vi, step up to the plate. They quickly realize it’s a “no win” situation — clearing their relative of murder will cast suspicion on other family members and even some of their friends!

Overkilt gives you a treasure trove of suspects to sharpen your Sherlockian skills. Besides the entire Pilgrim coven, there’s plenty of townsfolk who also had axes to grind and secrets to hide.

This is another delightful entry in the Liss MacCrimmon Scottish Mystery series. Kaitlyn’s characters are authentic down to the core. She knows exactly how to capture the quiet charm of Moosetookalook (a town name that always makes me smile), and she knows how to weave a cunning cozy mystery.

Grab a copy of Overkilt and enjoy settling in by the glow of a fireplace or snuggled under your favorite comforter – fall is here – the perfect time for a good cozy mystery! And don’t forget to check out Kaitlyn Dunnett’s Deadly Edits Series. Read the review for Murder, She Edited under my Books/Mystery category and also check out the author interview.

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