God’s Getaway

Whether it’s nearby or far away, there’s something special about a one or two night getaway. When things become hectic or when we’re faced with a lot of trouble or hardship, it’s easy to forget about all the little and big things in life that are really important. It may be unintentional, but sometimes we can wind up putting God in the “backseat” when things become overwhelming, we’re tired or stressed out.

Getaways are important for good mental and physical well-being. They clear our minds and refresh our attitude when we escape to different surroundings. Getaways can also help you reconnect with God, put Him back in the driver’s seat and give you some one-on-one quality time with The Man Upstairs.

Whether you live alone or with someone else, make sure you have some personal quality time to re-boot your spirit and enrich your life. A good way to do this is to plan a “getaway” by yourself. Maybe it’s a day-trip to a peaceful place in the country. Maybe it’s a few nights at a beach or in the mountains. Maybe it’s even booking a room in a cozy bed and breakfast or a nearby fancy hotel – just find someplace unique and peaceful to leave your worries behind – and (as He has told us) give our burdens to Him.

I recently took a 3 night getaway to the beach. I had a gorgeous ocean-front view. It was exhilarating and mentally refreshing. A lot quiet time to myself meant there were plenty of conversations with God. I thanked Him for my 68 years of blessings and asked for His help to work out some of life’s more complex problems.

I woke up each morning having coffee on the balcony overlooking the pristine ocean, thanking Him for yet another day. I spent time walking on the beach and watching His sunrises and sunsets. Back at the room, I marveled endlessly at the rolling ocean waves outside my picture window while I thumbed through countless magazines. I read two books and watched cheesy, mindless TV. I ordered carryout dinners (with luscious desserts) to enjoy out side on the balcony, relishing the crisp sea air. It was pure bliss!

Whether life is going smoothly or hitting the proverbial “bumps in the road,” it’s always a good idea to re-charge your spirit and your faith. Find a special “getaway” with God and enjoy some newfound inner peace. A change of scenery is always good for the heart and soul – and while taking trips with a friend or loved one is always exciting, sometimes quality time by yourself is just what you may need. When you take a God’s Getaway by yourself, there’s no distractions as to what to do that day or what to eat, etc. You just go with your own flow.

While God is with us 24/7, I feel his presence is especially strong in nature. I guess that’s why I find the beauty of the beach and mountains so special and so rewarding. When watching the sunrise on the beach early in the morning, His presence was especially strong. The beauty of the sun slowly rising with a unique cloud formation above it, was truly stellar. I could literally feel the power and strength of the beginning of this glorious new fall day at a Maryland beach.

Plan your special day trip or overnight getaway to re-calibrate, recharge and refresh. Enjoy some quiet time to get closer to God. Count your blessings and be thankful for each new day, no matter what it may bring.


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