We Got The Memo

Like many folks out there, I spend quite of bit of time thinking and analyzing the world around us.

Throughout our lives we can expect to have good times and bad times.  We can expect ups and downs – Sinatra said it best in his song:  “That’s Life.”  The lyrics ring true, especially in today’s trying world.  Frank belts out, “I’ve been up and down and over and out, and I know one thing – each time I fall flat on my face, I pick myself up and get back in the race….”

But for most people, 2020 has proved to be their most challenging year ever.  The way we think, socialize, communicate, work, etc., for now, is a whole new ballgame.  I can’t help but wonder if this isn’t God’s way of telling us He hit the “re-set” button.  We are being pulled back.  We have been slowed down.  We have been forced to re-think and re-evaluate not just our own lives, but the entire world.

While some folks have failed mentally and financially during the pandemic, others have overcome and flourished.  Others have lost their way (their faith), while others have found it.  Solid businesses have folded, while other new businesses successfully entered our ever-changing dynamics.

In many ways, we have been taken back to simpler and more traditional times.  Families once on the move, are frequently staying home.  They are often sharing meals, movies, digging up “old school” games and becoming closer than ever as a family unit.  Parents are spending more quality time at home with their children, inevitably, leading to tighter bonding.

People are finding skills, passions and hobbies that they never knew they had…some are even starting up a new business.  We’re getting accustomed (for better or for worse) to working from home, seeing newscasters, actors/actresses and almost everyone working from their own isolated spots –  yet they are managing to keep us in the loop and “them” in the limelight.

This all seemed so abnormal back in March and April, but now it’s accepted and has become a daily routine.  Wearing a mask out in the public is not just for the Lone Ranger anymore!

While the pandemic is a horrifically terrible ordeal around the globe, it’s brought changes both good and bad.  It has made everyone, no matter your beliefs:  stop – think – ponder.

My personal spin?  I believe God has planned this for a reason.  How this all plays out is in His hands.  I don’t have the answers, but I do believe that God is letting us know that we’re being put to the ultimate challenge.  I believe He is truly testing our faith to see who will follow Him.  He’s letting us know the world, is indeed, changing and we all need to go forward to be the best that each of us we can be.

He’s always by our side while we live at a slower and very different pace, re-define our goals and lifestyles.  Will we stay strong and follow or will we stay behind?  Yeah, we got “The Memo!”

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