TOP 10+ 1: Holiday Cozy Mysteries

Trapped inside due to covid?  Feeling a bit snowed under?  No problem. Check out the list of my personal favorite top 10 Holiday/Winter cozies – some old, some new, but all should still be available.  These stellar mysteries will keep you entertained not only through the holidays, but also through those oh so long winter nights – all good stuff, not to be missed!

JUST ADDED, making this a TOP 11 list:  A Christmas Carol Murder by Heather Redmon will transport you to London in 1835.  Tag along with a young Charles Dickens as he desperately tries to solve an unusual holiday mystery.

Take a trip to Cajun country with Ellen Byron and her stellar A Cajun Christmas Killing – they sure know how celebrate down south and it’s a holiday atmosphere sure to please!

Take another trip to merry ‘ole Ireland with Carlene O’Connor’s:  Murder at an Irish Christmas – a contemporary mystery with an old-world flavor.

If you want zany humor with your mysteries, no one does it better than Laura Levine in Death of a Neighborhood Scrooge

Fans of Kaitlyn Dunnett will savor her Ho Ho Homicide even more than a steaming cup of eggnog!  One of my favorites from her terrific Liss MacCrimmon Mystery series.

Speaking of eggnog — Eggnog Murder features a trilogy of tales from a trilogy of triathlon authors, Leslie Meier, Lee Hollis and Barbara Ross – a true triple treat!

My favorite in Vicki Delany’s year round Christmas series:  We Wish You a Murderous Christmas (now there’s a title that says it all!).

For fans of Victorian times, Kate Kingsbury’s Ringing in Murder and Emily Brightwell’s, Mrs. Jeffries and the Feast of St. Stephen, take us back in time for a look at how the holidays were celebrated in that era  – and, how murders were solved (without modern technology).

No hard-core mystery fan should be without the gigantic 600+ page Big Book of Mysteries edited by Otto Penzler.  It’s a full blown collection of “vintage” yuletide mysteries.  Too many authors to list, but a sampling would be:  Ellery Queen, Agatha Christie, Rex Stout, Mary Higgins Clark, Robert Louis Stevenson, Ed McBain, Isaac Asimov, etc., etc. and I DO mean “etc., etc…”   WOW!

To complete my favorite holiday reading list, I call upon the beloved and immortal Charles Dickens. Christmas just wouldn’t be complete without his Stories for Christmas or his Five Tales of Christmas.  Some are ghostly, some can be haunting – some “simply” nice.  All classics from a master.

Alphabetically by author:

  1. Mrs. Jeffries and the Feast of St. Stephen – Emily Brightwell  (Victorian setting)
  2. A Cajun Christmas Killing, A Cajun Country Mystery  – Ellen Byron (see the book review under:  books/mystery category)
  3. Murder at an Irish Christmas, An Irish Village Mystery – Carlene O’Connor (see the book review under: books/mystery category)
  4. We Wish You A Murderous Christmas, a Year Round Christmas mystery – Vicki Delany
  5. Stories for Christmas or Five Tales of Christmas by Charles Dickens – various versions and publishers.
  6. Ho Ho Homicide, a Liss MacCrimmon Mystery – Kaitlyn Dunnett (see interview with the author under: books/mystery category)
  7. Ringing in Murder, A Pennyfoot Hotel Mystery – Kate Kingsbury (Victorian setting)
  8. Death of a Neighborhood Scrooge, A Jaine Austen Mystery – Laura Levine  (see interview with the author under: last page under books/mystery category)
  9. Eggnog Murder – Leslie Meir, Lee Hollis, Barbara Ross (3 holiday tales)
  10. The big Book of Christmas Mysteries edited and intro by Otto Penzler (A Vintage Crime/Black Lizard original)
  11. A Christmas Carol Murder – Heather Redmond (see book review under:   books/mystery category)

So go ahead, get out the popcorn, hot chocolate and settle in.  Treat yourself to some of the best in these wintery holiday cozies for yourself or for a gift to a mystery fan!

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