The Diva Serves Forbidden Fruit by Krista Davis

NY Time Bestselling Author Krista Davis serves us more than just “forbidden fruit” – she serves us a delightful cozy mystery sure to keep cozy sleuths on their toes!

In the latest Domestic Diva mystery series, we find event planner Sophie Winston heading up the first DIY Decorating Festival in beautiful Old Town, Virginia. The festival is filled with demonstrations of just about everything imaginable – furniture refinishing, quilting, wreath-crafting, how to give the “bling” factor to everyday items, etc. It’s a win-win for everyone involved. The festival goers get a solid DIY education and the vendors also are selling an array of their hand-crafted goods.

But when Sophie picks up her friend, Nina, at the airport the day before the festival begins, little does she know that while she’s riding herd over the DIY event, someone else is planning their own “Do It Yourself” demonstration – and it’s “murder!”

One of Sophie’s neighbors is mysteriously found dead in her backyard – leaving a grieving daughter, greedy hubby, gambling son, jilted beau and a gaggle of grand kids behind. As if that isn’t bad enough, Sophie’s friend, Nina, narrowly escapes a home invasion. Sophie has no choice but to stick her nose into police business. She’s got to protect her friend and neighbor, Nina, and follow her own leads to stop the climbing body count (yup – there goes the neighborhood)!

Wolf Fleishman heads up the Violent Crimes Unit of their police department…and, he happens to be an ex-boyfriend of Sophie’s. Still being on amicable terms – they find themselves “kinda” working together to figure out why these close-knit neighbors are being targeted.

Could they be victims of robberies gone bad? Are the crimes somehow tied together by a trip some of them took to Portugal? Or could they even be tied to the DIY Festival?

I loved following the well-trodden trail of suspects throughout this cozy. I enjoyed myself at the DIY Festival and the DIY tips. I had plenty of slick and slimy suspects to choose from, and loved the well-hidden motive of this engaging story.

Krista Davis gives us the perfect mystery to kick off our summer cozy reading: The Diva Serves Forbidden Fruit!

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