Southern Sass and a Crispy Corpse

June brings us the newest release in the Marygene Brown Mystery series:  Southern Sass and a Crispy Corpse.

This is a perfect summer read.  Whether you are lucky enough to be heading out to the lake or beach — or just lounging around your own backyard, here’s a cozy you positively don’t want to miss!

Kate Young’s characters are southern sassy for sure.  Marygene and her siblings run the local family diner and come with an authentic southern attitude and wit that’s sure to keep you entertained.  In fact, it will only take a few pages of this mystery to reel you in – hook, line and sinker.

Imagine going out early in the morning for a solitary, invigorating ocean swim –  “au naturel.”  Marygene thinks this is a great way to start her day.  And it would have been IF she didn’t come across a dead body and wind up becoming the lead in a headline breaking newspaper story. And, oh yeah, everyone in this modest, little town now knows she’s been skinny dipping to boot – plus there are photos!

Good heavens, what’s a gal with her southern pride (literally showing) to do?

Well, when you’re Marygene Brown living in Georgia on Peach Cove Island there’s only one thing you can do —  put on your Big Girl Panties, listen to your Mama, garner support from your friends and family and try to figure out who the deceased was and how she died.  Even though her dad is the local police chief and her romantic partner in crime is also a cop, she’s compelled (once again) to get involved in a red hot case of murder.

Here’s the thing:  “Mama” has since passed on, but she still occasionally pops in on her daughter, Marygene.  No one else can see or feel her presence.  Seems Mama can’t “cross over” until her earthly work has been done – and that includes enlisting Marygene to help solve some of the island’s most heinous crimes, giving victims the peace and justice they deserve.

This cozy will keep you fully engaged, with a mystery and murders that are murkier than a New Orleans swamp.  The folks in Peach Cove are downright laughable and lovable.  The interactions between friends and family members are entertaining, as well as the “on again, off again” romance between our heroine and her police boyfriend, Alex.

Kate Young weaves a cozy tale of long ago secrets that washed ashore that fateful morning when Marygene took her swim.  As Marygene sifts through a list of suspect and motives, she realizes it’s not the sharks in the ocean she needs to worry about – it’s the “land” sharks you gotta watch out for!

Pull up a cooler or fire up the frozen drink blender and kick off your summer reading with Kate Young’s Southern Sass and a Crispy Corpse.  It’s a unique series with a real one-two punch!

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