Smokey Robinson & Charlie Wilson: A Stellar Duet

Back in 1960, I got my first dose of Smokey Robinson through the Miracles’ Billboard Hit, Shop Around.  Lead singer Smokey’s vocals were crisp and clean, his stage persona was lively and infectious.  The Miracles relentlessly pounded the charts in the early 60’s through the early 70’s.

Fast forward to the mid-70’s and 80’s and we still find Smokey smokin’ the charts but on his own!  His smooth, breezy style on Being With You and Crusin’ are the epitome of happy love.  On the flip side in the early 80’s, The Gap Band was hitting the airwaves with some of the funkiest dance songs out there.  Charlie Wilson, lead singer, belted out You Dropped The Bomb On Me and had all of us Burning Rubber.   

Now fast forward to 2020 – we discover that not only are Smokey and Charlie still powerful and soulful singers, but they teamed up TOGETHER to release their duet:  All of My Love.  

You simply MUST check this out on YouTube.  It’s a classic sound with a contemporary flare.  Both their voices are unbelievably pristine and their unique styles blend effortlessly together to bring us this beautiful love song.  Wilson pours out his heart, letting his love show through.  Smokey gives us his smooth, satin sound.  All of My Love is elegant, romantic and it’s slow and sentimental with a one-two punch of love.

I can’t say enough great stuff about these tried and true singers.  They aren’t “kids” anymore and have withstood the test of time….proving that they really still have what it takes.  They both look great, their singing is impeccable and both exude their own brand of charisma.

If you haven’t listened to Smokey in a while, check out his solo hits – maybe even take a step back in time to when it all started with the Miracles – good stuff still today!   Jump on a Party Train by listening to the Gap Band’s Greatest Hits…you’ll be dancing in your living room. Then check out one of Charlie Wilson’s many solo albums.  My favorite:  In It To Win It.   It’s Wilson at his best – there’s not a bad song on the whole album.  Positive, upbeat and simply riveting.

I truly miss going to concerts to see live performances – meantime though, we can all benefit from the internet and when it comes to music, particularly, YouTube.  Watch the videos and check out your favorite artists and songs and load them into your favorite listening devices.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Put some romance in the air with All of My Love by Smokey Robinson and Charlie Wilson.


Watch Wonder Women Sixty early next week as I step into the Oldies Vault of music for “slow dance and romance.” 

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