Simply Thankful

Feb. 2019:  It’s getting near the end of February here in Northern Virginia.  We just got what was probably our last real blast of winter snow.  I trudge out in the 5 plus inches that is still falling — this time with a cup of coffee laced with a dash of Irish cream in one hand and a bag of bird seed in the other.

The bird feeders are filled, the bag of seed is empty.  Donned in a lightweight winter Parka and heavy duty boots, I plop myself down on one of my backyard benches.  Today I’m not going to ask for anything.  Today I’m simply going to sit on the bench sipping my coffee while the light snow and slightly icy pellets bounce off my coat, and say “thank you.”

It’s a simple message to God inspired by the purity of whiteness of the softly falling snow carpeting the backyard surrounding me.  The birds are very quietly congregating around the bird feeders.  No less than 8 blue jays, 2 bright red cardinals, a downy woodpecker, sparrows and the iridescent purple martins are thrilled for their breakfast.   Its 10:45 in the morning, but everything is quiet and still.  No cars on the road, no howling winds — just the sounds and special smell that only snow can bring.   It is one of the finest miracles of God.  Everything becomes peaceful, clean and pure.

I take a deep breath and inhale the freshness of this special winter day and take it all in.  As I sit there marveling at the beauty of nature, I know right now – right this second – in this calm and pristine snowy white atmosphere, everything is right with the world.

Thank you God – no request today.  Just my “thank you” for everything you’ve provided to all of us.  While I have plenty of prayers that need to be answered, they will wait until tomorrow.  Today I am quite simply: THANKFUL.

No matter what your faith or beliefs, take a break from your daily schedule to settle in a quiet place, count your blessings and then just say “thank you.”

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