Same Time, Same Place by David M. Barnett

Daisy is a single woman with a younger sister, Rosie. Both are still living at home with their mother. Their mother has cancer and when they aren’t working, they are her caregivers.

Nate is a divorced young man sharing custody of his 10-yr. old son, Ben, and struggling to cope with his new and lonely life-style.

What do they have in common? They both work as security guards at a museum of social history. Nate works the morning shift until 5 p.m. Daisy’s shift is 5 p.m. to 1 a.m. When Nate checks out, Daisy checks in. Before he leaves he gives her updates on what went on in the museum during his shift.

This is the story of Daisy and Nate – 2 common everyday people briefly connecting through their jobs. It’s a story of the struggles and turmoil in their personal lives. We learn their innermost thoughts and how they rationalize and handle some pretty tough obstacles.

But it’s not a depressing story. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Daisy notices a few small exhibits are quietly disappearing from the museum and no one seems to notice (or care). She winds up confiding in Nate and they find themselves teaming up to try to solve this subtle mystery.

This story starts as a “slow roll” as you get to know each character. In 2 or 3 chapters you’ll realize you can relate to them – maybe not exactly to their same situations, but who hasn’t at some point, suffered setbacks or ongoing struggles?

Daisy is trying to stay strong as she watches her mother decline. She never smiles. It’s hard being a caregiver after her museum shift. Then she discovers her sister is hiding a drinking problem – what to do about that? She’s also wondering about her future – about her job – and what her life will be like without their mother.

Nate grew up with an abusive father. He vows to be a better father to his son. But with his wife leaving him and having to share custody, he wonders if he can still be the father he always wanted to be. He’s also haunted by the fact that his ex wife has moved on – and that includes a new man in her life. Will this “new man” replace him as a father?

Daisy and Nate dance around each other as they try to figure out who stole the exhibits at the museum. They are two lonely people who bond together to solve the mystery. They also bond together as friends. They find themselves sharing dark secrets from their youth, while dealing with the daily issues in their personal lives.

The author gives us a realistic perspective of two average people coping with daily constraints and roadblocks in their lives. The characters are superbly authentic. Their problems are relatable. Mr. Barnett gives his characters bittersweet moments, sad moments, romantic moments, scary moments – but then gives each and every character the happiness they deserve.

Same Time, Same Place by David M. Barnett is about overcoming obstacles that can seem insurmountable and conquering them. The gratifying ending is sure sure to put a smile on your face and tug on your heartstrings.

Release date is June 7th, but you can PRE-ORDER your copy today at retailers such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


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