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Quite Mad For Plaid

There’s something about a crisp fall day that makes me want to break out the plaid flannel shirts.  Plaid prints give you an instant zing. Plaid flannel shirts are stylish for literally all ages, functional and versatile.  How many shirts are “all that?”

There’s lighter weight flannel for fall, heavy flannel for winter and even lined flannel jackets for colder winter months.  Wear as is, or put them over your favorite solid color tank top, short sleeve or long sleeve T-shirt or over your favorite cowl or turtleneck.

These shirts have come a long way.  I see them on coffee shop baristas, on outside laborers and on folks sporting them for casual weekend wear.  Plaid is appropriate for both the young and old.  I grew up with them as a kid, and the shirts have never gone out of style.  Manufacturers are all over plaid in just about every color in the rainbow.  Some retailers even carry the shirts with a hoodie, perfect for a breezy stroll.  I found my yellow/black flannel shirt with “detachable” hood at Target – I love that!  The black and red plaid is a heavy fleece material, perfect for cold winter days.

Pair with jeans, khakis or a denim skirt with leather belt.  Give them an upgraded look with some contemporary or vintage jewelry.  Add your favorite pair of chic boots, booties, sneakers, combat or work boots– maybe even a fringe bag or saddle bag.  Now you’ve got a “look.”

Ladies, if you do a lot of work outside in fall and winter, check out the men’s section for sales on flannel work shirts.  Men’s work shirts are often made with a more heavy duty flannel – perfect for working outside. I’ve nailed several heavyweight, plaid jackets with a lining in the men’s department, since they don’t tend to carry lined ones for women.  The dark green/navy blue plaid is from the Men’s section at a local retail chain.

Flannel shirts are easy care, durable, fashionable, machine washable, reasonably priced…so go ahead and get quite mad for plaid!

Jewelry and the right accessories give plaid an instant “style” and “pop”.

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