Ornaments of Death by Jane K. Cleland

I recently found this book in my personal library.  Somehow over the years it got overlooked.  So I dusted it off, settled in and started reading.  WHAT A HOLIDAY TREAT!  Ornaments of Death was first released in 2015, but the good news is, it’s still available online and at various booksellers!

The cozy New Hampshire town of Rocky Point, New Hampshire is a warm and homey setting for this smoothly written mystery by Jane K. Cleland.  If you love antiques, you’ll appreciate the research that goes into this Josie Prescott Antiques Mystery.

I was a fan after the first chapter of this charming series flowing with well-portrayed characters who are getting ready for the holiday season.  Josie is the local antiques dealer and her shop is filled with beautiful, high-end pieces of history.  She has no family members left, and even though she has plenty of friends, she’s always felt a bit alone in the world. You can just imagine her excitement and delight when one day Ian Bennington shows up at her doorstep, and introduces himself as a distant relative —  all the way from merry Old England!

Ian is visiting his daughter, Becca, who lives nearby, to give her two priceless, miniature seventeenth century watercolor portraits.  This gave him the perfect opportunity to look up his long lost relative, Josie. It was the most wonderful Christmas gift Josie could ever ask for – a real, live family member!

But as Christmas gets closer, Ian suddenly disappears without a trace!  Josie calmly goes on the prowl to locate Ian, but as the days go by, keeping calm seems to go out the window faster than Santa’s sleigh on Christmas Eve!

And to make matters worse, Ian’s own daughter and the two miniature portraits have disappeared too!  It’s a great whodunit with a body to boot – and a “feel good” ending – but I’m not going to give away the victim.  So let me just say: check out this mystery on a chilly winter night and let yourself be a temporary Sherlock Holmes in Rocky Point, New Hampshire!

If you love Ms. Cleland’s style like I do, you’ll want to check out more of her Josie Prescott Antiques Mystery Series – good stuff for mystery lovers this holiday season!

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