One For The Hooks by Betty Hechtman

I’m being “wowed” by so many new releases that are coming out this year. Not only are there a lot of new cozy mysteries to choose from, but many of them are just downright fabulous! One for the Hooks, A Crochet Mystery by Betty Hechtman sure fits the bill! You won’t want to miss this NEW August release from Crooked Lane Books!

Tarzana, California: Fifty-something Molly Pink has finally settled into the next chapter of her life since she became widowed a few years ago. She manages and plans all the events for the local bookstore, has a steady beau and a gaggle of pets – life is good.

The bookstore has also become quite the meeting place for the Tarzana Hookers – a local crocheting group. Molly is so pleased with the group that she winds up joining the Hookers herself. And let me tell you, this fanatical group of crocheters is pretty darn high energy. It’s a very diverse group and saying that they take their crocheting seriously is an understatement!

Sloan Renner is a local real estate agent who is helping Miami Wilson clear out her recently inherited house. There’s a stash of yarn that came with the house and Sloan has contacted Molly to see if she wants to buy it for the bookstore to use for future crocheting events.

When Sloan, Miami, Molly and Adele (an influencer/crocheter) meet at the house to check out the yarn, they are majorly surprised. This isn’t a little bit of crummy leftover yarn – this is a super huge amount of pristine, premo quality yarns!

But as Molly is surveying the skeins of yarn, there’s an obnoxious drone that seems to be running amuck in Miami’s yard! This is a nice, quiet, family-oriented neighborhood. Miami’s neighbors have just found out that she is planning on renting out rooms for short-term rentals on various apps — yup – there goes the neighborhood! Transient people mean more cars, more noise and more trouble. Her neighbors are beyond agitated…they’re downright getting mean and spiteful.

Looks like the loud, hoovering drone is not only spying on Miami’s house and yard, but is also going to drop something large and smelly into her yard! As if that isn’t freaky enough, things take even a more bizarre turn when Molly’s “yarn discovery expedition” turns deadly.

Molly can’t help but turn on her sleuthing skills when a lifeless body is discovered and no one is sure if this was an accident or just plain murder. Who would think that checking out some yarn could get you in so much trouble?

As you follow along with Molly while she tries to sniff out a killer, you’ll love the endearing, yet feisty characters in this solid cozy. You’ll laugh and roll your eyes at The Adele, the social media influencer/crocheter who was on the scene of the crime. You’ll appreciate the “pickle” Molly is in as she seems to be caught between an ex and current boyfriend.

Then there’s the whole block of suspects – any one of Miami’s neighbors could be plucked out as a killer – but be forewarned, plucking out this killer won’t be easy! This new release is the 14th installment in Betty Hechtman’s Crochet Mysteries. Read One for the Hooks and you’ll be “hooked!”

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