On the Beach with God

Sometimes “life” just seems to stall – we lose sight of our goals and objectives, we lose our motivation.    Loneliness, job loss, illness, family loss or other serious tragedies can take a toll on our emotional well-being.  Frankly, sometimes, for no reason at all, we just feel like “giving up.”

It’s those times when we need to sit back and count our many blessings and have a talk with the Man Upstairs.  A wise friend once said to me:  “I love going to bed every night, because I know that tomorrow will be another day, and I just can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings – be it good or bad.”  My friend is in his mid-eighties.  I admire his positive, relentless attitude because he was right.  Every day is a gift – and every day will hold new opportunities and new experiences, whether they are good or bad.

When the new day is a “bad” day, I always find solace and peace in nature, particularly in the quiet backyard woodland or at the beach.  I’ve been going to Ocean City, Maryland since the early 70’s … it’s my favorite “go to,” getaway place for fun and relaxation or when I need to go someplace to clear my head.  It can be the dead of winter with temperatures in the 30’s, but I enjoy it all year round.

There’s a jetty of rocks at the beginning of the Ocean City boardwalk that extends out into the ocean.  I love going there and plopping myself down on the rocks and having a one-on-one chat with God.  It’s there I give him my troubles and he washes them out to sea.

It’s also inspirational to see the sand sculptures by local artist Randy Hofman.  All through the summer he labors in the sand creating the most profound images reflecting verses from the Bible.  The sculptures are so realistic and detailed that it’s hard to believe they are made from the Ocean City sand.  As you stroll down the boardwalk at night, you’ll see them lit up in soothing colors that intensify the images and the Bible verses.

I always stop by his sculptures in awe and reflection.  I don’t remember ever going to Ocean City in the summer without seeing his beautiful works of art.  If you like his image on this post and can’t get to the beach, you can see more artwork of this gifted man, by going to his website:  randyhofman.com.

God is everywhere.  He shows himself in the wonders of nature and never leaves our side.  When we lose sight of our goals and are feeling down, we need to give him our troubles because he is “always” listening.  Let us be thankful when the dawn brings us a brand new day.


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