Now is a Great Time to Diversify!

“Man who limits his interests, limits his life,” the late actor, Vincent Price

I always felt this is one of the best quotes ever!  Think hard about the meaning of this quote.  Vincent Price himself, was a very diverse man.  Known best for his very long acting career, he’d give astounding performances in everything from dramas, to comedies, to horror.  He was also a renowned art critic and gourmet chef.  He lived his life to the fullest and his quote was reminding us that if we limit our hobbies or passions — whether they be music, art, food, career, etc., we are missing out on all the unique opportunities and experiences that life has to offer.

With 2020 probably being the weirdest (and downright bizarre) year most of us have ever been sucked into, this is certainly a great time to expand our interests.

For example, if you’ve only been reading non-fiction books, this might be the year to read fiction –  try a new author or subject that piques your interest.  If you’ve only listened to pop music, maybe it’s time to explore country music or jazz.  If you’ve never found a hobby – now IS the time to find one.  If you already have a hobby or two, maybe you could use a few more!  Perhaps you’ve never had authentic Thai food.  Exploring a new type of food through carryout or outdoor dining would be a new (and probably tasty) experience.

Life is short – savor it!  Get out of your routine and comfort zone.  Try out some different kinds of music, books, hobbies, food or whatever floats your boat (hey, maybe boating could be your new hobby)!  And if your attitude just plain “stinks” (which in these times is understandable) – change it.  Load up Patti Labelle’s 1984 classic, New Attitude for an instant lift and inspiring words that will have you prancing around your living room.

Remember, don’t stop at the base of the mountain, climb over it and see what’s on the other side!

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