Anyone who knows me, knows I have a true love for books.  My private library is filled with books on art, design, gardening, biographies and music.  But among my many bookcases, you’ll find that “mysteries” dominant my personal library.  I grew up reading mysteries.  As a kid, I wanted desperately to be a sidekick to Nancy Drew.  As a teenage girl, I wanted to be a sidekick to the Hardy Boys!  As a young woman, I wanted to be a sidekick to Shaun Cassidy who played one of the Hardy Boys in the late ‘70’s TV series!

My love for mysteries has never waned – from classics to thrillers to cozies and everything in between, I just can’t read enough of them!

So I am beyond excited to be able to share with you some terrific news!  Under “BOOKS” you’ll find the newly added KENSINGTON MYSTERY CORNER.

In addition to my own mystery book reviews from various authors and publishing companies, the good folks at Kensington Publishing will provide you with even more monthly mystery book reviews and information on their upcoming releases through their Kensington Mystery Corner.

If you’ve been following my mystery reviews for the last several years, you’ll know that many of my favorite authors reside with Kensington Publishing.  From veteran mystery writers like Laura Levine, Kaitlyn Dunnett, Joanne Fluke, Vicki Delany, Barbara Ross and Sherry Harris — to brand new authors breaking into the cozy mystery genre, Kensington mysteries can keep even the most hardcore mystery readers busy 24/7!  In fact, there are so many terrific authors, I wish I could list them all – but there’s simply not enough room!

Each month features new book reviews — so keep watching the “BOOK” categories to get your fix.  That’s where you’ll still find my personal book reviews on mysteries and other topics, and the newly added Kensington Mystery Corner.

With fall coming up on us quick, I can’t think of a better way to spend a quiet, chilly autumn night, than sipping a nice hot cup of apple cider with some cheddar biscuits — nestled in with a good cozy mystery in hand.

You don’t need a sleuth like Sherlock Holmes to find you a good mystery, just visit Wonder Women Sixty and the new Kensington Mystery Corner!


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