Murder At The Taffy Shop by Maddie Day

Whether you know and love her as Edith Maxwell or as Maddie Day, you’re in for a real treat!  As “Maddie Day,” she’s bringing us her brand new Cozy Capers Book Group mystery series.  Murder at the Taffy Shop is the second installment in this delightful, keep ‘em guessing cozy.

MacKenzie “Mac” Almeida is a very busy young woman.  Not only does she own and run a successful bike shop on Cape Cod, but finds herself being stretched a bit thin during summer tourist season.  There’s a lot of juggling going on with family, friends, a full-blooming romance and then, of course, The Cozy Capers Book Group meetings.

She’s become quite the master juggler of her personal life – that is, until one of her wealthy customers winds up dead – as in “murdered.”  The victim had recently hosted a dinner party and suspicions fell immediately on all the dinner guests.  Her close friend Gin had been one of those guests.  Add the fact that they found the body right outside Gin’s taffy shop and an incriminating piece of evidence in her garage and – uh-oh, Gin is now numero uno suspect!

Mac tries her best to convince the local police that Gin couldn’t possibly be a killer – but their calm, quiet response to her is “stay out of it.”  Even with her bike business booming and fair warning from the police, she can’t help but do a little snooping on the sly, and this includes enlisting the help of her Cozy Capers Book Group.

Readers will enjoy putting the pieces together of this subtle, but twisty cozy as they try to root out the real killer.  You’ve got a despicable heir and his shifty girlfriend, a long-gone father, the victim’s former son-in-law and a few others to choose from.

I loved the down-to-earth characters.  I loved the romance.  I loved Mac’s pet (guaranteed to keep you smiling).  I wanted to be part of the Cozy Capers Book Group.  I wanted to solve the murder!

Dash out and nail a copy of another winner from Maddie Day.  And don’t forget to check out all her other mystery series as well….and boy, there’s a lot to choose from – all good stuff!


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