Murder at the PTA by Lee Hollis

The duo known as Lee Hollis kicks off the school year with the first in their new series, Murder at the PTA, A Maya and Sandra Mystery.  It’s also a brand new September release.

Fans of Lee Hollis will love this well spun cozy of a prominent U.S. Senator’s wife, Sandra Wallage.  She’s also the newly elected president of the PTA for the South Portland High School in Maine.   The book opens with her giving her first speech as the new head of the PTA, and to say the least, it doesn’t go as planned.

Almost every town has its own gossip grapevine, but in this town, it has its own website!  The Dirty Laundry site is on fire with the juiciest news of the hour and folks in town just can’t get enough of it.  Sandra had just begun to address the packed crowd when someone interrupted with the current headline of the tabloid rag – a sexcapade featuring Sandra’s Senator hubby!

Even though a lot of the gossip on Dirty Laundry is totally false, it’s downhill from there for Sandra and her family.  Principal Hicks is asking her to step “down” as PTA President.  Huh??? She just stepped “up!”

As Sandra tries to protect her husband’s good name and their committed marriage, she soon is crossing paths with private investigators Maya Kendrick and her partner, Frances Turner.  With or without their help, she is determined to find out who is slandering her family’s good name so she can put a stop to it, once and for all!

Things heat up when a school official commits suicide because of the gossipy website.  It gets even hotter when Sandra and Maya realize some of the most trusted and prestigious townsfolk are hiding more secrets than the Harper Valley PTA!

Jeannie Riley’s #1 Billboard hit in 1968 may have been festering with sexual scandal, but at South Portland’s PTA it’s also riddled with murder!  With Maya’s partner, Frances dealing with her “could be anytime” pregnancy issues, Sandra and Maya find themselves working together to solve a case more twisted than an Auntie Anne’s Pretzel!

This is one of my favorite new reads.  It’s a very cunning plot crammed with hooks, twists and turns that will have you wondering what the heck is really going on in that town.   Jeannie Riley ended her song with “…the day my mama socked it to the Harper Valley PTA.”  In this utterly delightful cozy, its Sandra and Maya who really “socked it to the South Portland PTA!



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