Marry Christmas Murder by Stephanie Blackmoore

It’s been a wonderful year for new and exciting cozy mysteries and Stephanie Blackmoore’s Marry Christmas Murder is sure to make your mystery season bright!

In fact, this book was so terrific, it is my personal favorite new holiday mystery for 2019!  The tightly woven, intricate plot is loaded down with an abundance of twists and turns.  There’s also an abundance of characters.  Ms. Blackmoore manages to make every character absolutely “perfect” – making this holiday tale extra interesting.

The setting is Port Quincy, Pennsylvania and opens with wedding planner, Mallory Shepard and her sister, Rachel, enjoying the upcoming holidays.  Everything seems quite under control with the wedding planner business  – after all, Olivia March, Mallory’s best friend isn’t getting married for several months.  She and Rachel are right on cue with other holiday projects they’ve both taken on this holiday season.  Even the fact that their retired mother and stepfather who live in Florida, showed up three weeks early for their Christmas visit didn’t even faze them.

All was calm and all was bright – that is until Olivia breaks the news to Mallory that she and her soon-to-be hubby want to move up their wedding date, giving her only three weeks to pull off a winter wedding!  It’s back to the drawing board for the theme, decorations, a new place to host the wedding, the food, etc.!

Olivia March comes from a very wealthy family whose real estate empire consists of developing large parcels of new homes.  March Homes has recently moved their business to Port Quincy – but not everyone is welcoming them with open arms.  In fact, there’s more sinister visitations bestowed upon the March family than Scrooge’s ghosts of Christmas.

As if this the new wedding date hasn’t rattled Mallory’s cage enough, her mother Carole, has announced that she and her husband Doug aren’t merely visiting — they are ditching the sunshine state to move permanently to Port Quincy.  Much to Mallory’s, Rachel’s and Doug’s dismay, Carole has launched herself out of retirement and has flamboyantly gone “all out” to compete for a job at March Homes!

Someone should have told Carole to be careful what you wish for.  She gets her dream job as head stager and decorator, but there’s murder in the March Homes stable of employees and Carole winds up on the “hot” suspect list.  Mallory sets out to put all the pieces together to clear her mom’s name – but she’s quickly losing a lot of sleep and her holiday spirit, as the mystery deepens and becomes downright treacherous.

When I say this cozy “has it all” – I’m not kidding!  This cozy gives readers a solid, entertaining mystery with high holiday spirits, all entwined with romance, a missing cat, a toy-drive heist, an animal shelter benefit and even a baby found in a manger!

Don’t miss out on this captivating stellar mystery.  Marry Christmas Murder is sure to become one of your favorites, too!

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