Malice Domestic – Mystery Most Edible

Author Parnell Hall presents another fabulous mystery compilation from Malice Domestic, this time using food as the theme for each of the tales.

As always, Malice Domestic follows their tradition with a new take on mysteries in the Agatha Christie tradition.  I love their compilations – especially this time of year when things get really busy and I don’t always have time to sail through a book from cover to cover.  They are also great for when you are traveling or commuting.  But the best benefit for reading their fine compilations, is to discover new authors you may never have read before.

Authors like Edith Maxwell, Elizabeth Perona, Leslie Budewitz, Debra H. Goldstein – just to drop a few names, are all included, along with many others – a whopping 36 original tales with their respective authors to be exact!

I freely admit to being a total coffee snob, but now I’ve got folks telling me I’m a foodie, too!  Well this book certainly stimulated my taste buds with flavors of murder most foul!  Gotta love it!  While food is not always a killer, it’s always part of the story theme, and these authors sure know how to stir, blend, mix and bake you a good mystery.

Victoria Thompson’s Morsels of the Gods involves an old-time classic – roasted marshmallows.  Sharon Lynn’s Carne Diem will have you wondering IF those Hawaiian barbeque ribs are delicious or deadly. Elizabeth Perona keeps us in modern times by focusing on a baking class and internet dating.  Lynne Ewing demonstrates how baking competitions can literally be lethal. In LD Masterson’s Sticky Fingers, you’ll wonder if cupcakes can win over a blackmailer. Puzzle Lady, Parnell Hall, offers us a “not so soothing cup of tea.”  Good heavens — in this deadly edition, not even food critics aren’t safe!

I purchased my copy at the spring Malice Domestic convention, but you can find it at Barnes and Noble, Amazon and other fine booksellers.  When you find the cooler fall weather nipping at your heels, there’s just no better time to cozy up with these delicious morsels of mystery.

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