Leslie Budewitz: Cozy Mystery Twin Spin

Flashing back to my younger days, I remember when the local radio DJ would announce that coming up was a “Twin Spin.” That meant the radio station focused on a particular artist and instead of playing one of the artist’s hits, he’d play TWO BACK TO BACK. So I thought, hey, why can’t Wonder Women Sixty do an Author Twin Spin? So here it is – our first TWIN SPIN featuring TWO stellar cozies from Leslie Budewitz!


This is “the” cozy to enjoy as summer is wrapping up and fall begins to settle in. Jewel Bay, Montana is the perfect getaway retreat when you’re ready to dive into a new mystery!

A year and a half ago, Erin Murphy ditched her Seattle job as a grocery buyer for an international warehouse chain. Now she’s back home and gone into business with her mom. Together they created and run Murphy’s Mercantile, a specialty food market housed in an antique building in northwest Montana.

In Treble At The Jam Fest we find Erin busily getting ready for a deluge of tourists descending upon their small town for the Annual Jazz Festival and Workshop. She’s making sure the shelves are stocked and the staff is ready. But when the pre-festival show begins, featuring returning headliner Gerry Martin, things get hot – and it’s got nothing to do with the outside temperature!

Gerry Martin is not only playing the show again this year, but has put down solid roots in Jewel Bay. He already owns some property in town, and is also planning on building a recording studio. Both the festival and the studio will bring more visitors. It’s a big win for the town businesses. But while Gerry may be a master of the contemporary guitar, he’s certainly not a master of his temper!

Several folks witnessed Gerry’s off-stage fury, not just with his young protege, but even with his own staff. And there’s a lot going on between Gerry and some of the town’s most prominent citizens, like festival board member, Dave Barber. Barber says Gerry’s “washed up” and wants him and his studio “gone.”

When Adam, Erin’s boyfriend, and his friend, Tanner, are witness to a body falling from a nearby cliff, it’s not only shaking up the town, but the festival. Everyone begins to wonder if this was an accident or flat out murder. Could it have been a jealous act of revenge? Did musical tensions get so taunt that someone simply “snapped?” Was someone worried their career would be ruined – or something even more nefarious?

Being a business owner herself, Erin realizes that Jewel Bay thrives on tourism. Anything negative is a threat to everyone’s livelihood. Erin is committed to the town, and is also going to protect the business she and her mother have worked so hard to make successful. The best way to do that is to help track down the killer at any cost – and she’s going for it!

I thoroughly enjoyed this solid cozy. Ms. Budewitz first created the tranquil and scenic town of Jewel Bay, then carefully sculpted out each of her characters in great detail. Then she follows through with a finely crafted whodunit – keeping readers guessing as they search for the “real” motive. Grab your copy today of Treble At The Jam Fest, A Food Lovers’ Village Mystery.     Published by:  Beyond The Page Publishing.


In As The Christmas Cookie Crumbles, Leslie Budewitz gives us a double treat – it’s a solid Christmas mystery with a detailed “feel-good” holiday wedding to boot!

In this latest installment of A Food Lovers’ Village Mystery, we find Erin Murphy busy getting their shop, Murphy’s Mercantile, ready for the holiday season AND her own wedding is just 3 weeks away!

Merrily Thornton is one of Erin’s new friends. Merrily is a woman who is leaving her past behind and has come back to town to make amends. A long time ago when she was a young woman, Merrily went to prison for embezzlement. It was then that her parents disowned her – for 20 long years! Now she’s come home to ask her parents to forgive her and to meet their college-age granddaughter they never knew!

It isn’t easy making a fresh start – but Merrily is given a second chance working in the accounting department at a local business. But things don’t go to the “North” Pole – instead, they go “South,” and once again, she is being suspected of embezzlement! As the small town gossip about Merrily shows no signs of slowing down, Erin goes to bat to squelch the accusations and rumors.

But while Erin is trying to defend her friend, she’s also juggling her fast-approaching wedding and the holiday store rush – and uh oh, now there’s a murder added into the mix!

Ms. Budewitz gives us a tightly woven Christmas mystery seasoned heavily with the Christmas wedding – and it’s a true holiday double treat! Fans of Hallmark Mystery Movies and fans of their romance movies will eat this one up! Frankly, Hallmark is missing the boat if they don’t give Ms. Budewitz a call – this is the PERFECT holiday mystery combined with a perfect holiday romance!

PRE-ORDER now for an early November delivery – don’t miss out on this really stellar holiday mystery!

A copy of this book was provided by the author.  Publisher: Beyond The Page Publishing

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