Leave No Scone Unturned by Denise Swanson

With everything going on in the world today, who doesn’t want to go to a place called “Normalton?”  Well, that’s exactly where I landed when I dove into Denise Swanson’s delightfully cozy mystery, Leave No Scone Unturned.

But alas, since this is, after all, a mystery, I knew that Normalton probably wasn’t going to be very “normal” – and I was right!

Dani Sloan is proud of her company, Chef-to-Go.  She’s only been in business 4 short months, but the town’s university is beginning their fall semester and she’s landed a contract to cater the university’s lunch-to-go service.  This is a huge deal for Dani.  If the program is successful, it will bring in new business and also seal the deal for next year’s semester.  Ivy, Starr and Tippi are not only her staff, but boarders in Dani’s house, and she’s counting on them to help get her to-go catering company on solid footing.

As if launching a new business isn’t challening enough, Normalton University’s orientation week is rocked hard by an unexplained murder.  The victim is nameless, the motive is elusive and all the locals are definitely on edge.  Add to that a rash of carjackings and multiple sightings of a strange creature near the campus pond, and you’ve got folks going over that edge and having a major freak-out!

To make matters even more complicated, one of her staff members was a friend of the victim, landing Dani smack in the middle of the murder investigation.  Then just to add insult to injury, Dani finds herself, once again, dealing with handsome Spencer Drake, the head of university security.  Their last encounter did not exactly end on a positive note, leaving Dani with a bad taste of sour grapes.  Next add Detective Christensen, the lead homicide detective on the murder case and on Dani’s case (in more ways than one), and as they say: “let the games begin.”

The main characters in this cozy mix together so effortlessly, that it lends extra substance to plot.  They are truly both likeable and believable.  Grab a copy of Leave No Scone Unturned, then fluff up your pillows, jump under the comforter and nestle in for a cozy evening of connecting the dots to unravel this perfect fall mystery.

Leave No Scone Unturned gets a double gold star:  one gold star for being a solid cozy mystery and one for being a solid cozy romance….it’s a two for one, and I loved it!

Denise Swanson is a New York Times Bestselling author and this is one of her “A Chef-to-Go” mysteries. Check her out on twitter.com/DeniseSwansonAu or find her on Facebook:  facebook.com/DeniseSwansonAuthor.  Published by:  Poison Pen Press.


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