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With kids being home from school and folks being asked to stay home with ONLY their live-in family, here are some Old School ideas to keep everyone occupied as we all get through these challenging times.  Time to “unplug” for some old-fashioned fun and entertainment — we’re going OLD SCHOOL:

HAND-MADE CARDS by your kids will wake-up their creativity.  Have them send their cards out to friends and relatives.  Be sure to have them also address the envelope and affix the stamp.

PRESSED FLOWERS:  enjoy the outdoors by picking an assortment of flower blooms and leaves. Sandwich them in between 2 sheets of wax paper, then press and dry them between the pages of a heavy book.  Wax paper will prevent the flowers from staining the book pages.  Dried/pressed flowers can be used later for making home-made cards, bookmarks (affix them to cardboard strips and cut sheets of laminate to preserve the flowers) or making pictures (preserve your children’s dried floral artwork by putting it in a frame with glass).

FIRE PIT/GRILL:  If you have a fire pit or an old-style grill, pick a nice late afternoon or evening huddled around the fire to roast marshmallows and/or hot-dogs.  Ask your kids to talk about their favorite spooky stories or provide them with your own.

ROCKS:  Doesn’t get any easier than this!  Remember the Pet Rock?  Have your kids find unique rocks outside and have them paint and decorate them (faces, pretty colors with their name or images of animals, etc.).  Maybe grandma would love a hand-made paperweight (or you may want one for your office when you go back to work)!

GARDENING/YARDWORK:   Falling behind?  Enlist your kids to help out.  It will get them away from the computer, give them a burst of fresh air, burn off some of their energy and teach them the importance of nature.

BOOKS:   Get your children off the computer/tablets for a while by ordering a HARDCOVER or PAPERBACK book that will interest them.  Many of use grew up with Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys. They are timeless.  For kids as young as 2 or 3 there are still pop up books, coloring books and others to engage them and also help them learn.

BEAN BAGS/HORSESHOES/BADMINTON/CROQUET:  Good old family fun.  Order online.  Get out the burgers and weenies and have an Old School cook-out with these family yard games.   Great way to interact with your children.

BOARD GAMES like Monopoly, Candy Land, Uncle Wiggley and Chutes and Ladders are still available.  This can be great family fun for everyone (who doesn’t love monopoly money?)!  Check online at Amazon or local retailers.

COOKIES:  bake sugar cookies with the kids, cut into bunny or other festive shapes, decorate OR eat plain!  OR:  bake brownies or a cake together OR:  all of them!  Hey, there’s comfort in “comfort food!”

SCAVENGER HUNT:  outdoors is best, but you can also do one inside your home or apartment.  Provide a map or clues, make the treasure interesting – maybe provide goodie incentives to be found along the way (i.e., candy, coins, etc).

EASTER EGG HUNT:  Again, outdoors is best – but you can do an egg hunt even in your home.  Provide festive baskets or decorated bags.  Mix in an assorted of plastic eggs with real eggs and insert small goodies into the plastic eggs (for kids with allowances; fill with assorted coins or a dollar bill for younger kids; Easter candy, trinkets, etc.).  Even teenagers are never too old!  Place a slip of paper in the plastic eggs, saying they’re entitled to a free t-shirt, catcher’s mitt, ice-cream parlor gift card – or whatever their interests are.


Yes – there WAS life and entertainment BEFORE the internet.  While the internet has made our lives so much easier and taught us so much – there’s still a ton of value and entertainment to be found with Old School ideas.

I hope some of these ideas help get you and your family through these challenging times and sincerely hope you will all find some new hidden talents, creativity and enjoy some old-fashioned fun.  Watch this site for more ideas to keep you occupied at home.

REMEMBER:  Social distancing is essential, constant hand washing is critical and a self-quarantine may be necessary.  Follow your state and local guidelines.  But in spite of it all, be thankful for life’s blessings, both great and small.


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