Kids Holiday Projects & Family Fun

With so many families staying at home with their children, it can be difficult to keep the kids entertained, especially when they all know that Santa Claus is coming to town!

Get some very important, memory making one-on-one time with your children by having them help get ready for the holidays with these EASY projects:

CARDBOARD ORNAMENTS:   Have each child trace a cookie cutter on a piece of green, white or red poster board or cardboard.  Have them cut out the shapes.  They can do hearts, stars or even cookie cutter shaped animals, birds, etc.  Let them cut out the shapes (if they aren’t old enough, you can cut them out for them).  Then give them markers or crayons to fill in the details (i.e., eyes, noses, etc. on animals and colorful swirls and such on hearts and stars).  Maybe they want to make some of them personalized with their Grandmother and Grandfather’s name or their own name.  For older kids, give them some glitter gel pens.  Let them use their own imagination.  When finished, punch a hole in at the top and affix a piece of ribbon so they can attach it to the tree.

PAPER CHAINS:  Old School for sure!  Newspapers, magazines or any other leftover papers can be easily made into paper chains using scotch tape, glue or staples.  Have them do paper chains to decorate the family Christmas tree.

STRING POPCORN:  Have the kids, just like days gone by, string popcorn to create hand-made garland for the family Christmas tree.

FESTIVE PINE CONES:  Take a walk with the children and ask for their help scouring the ground for pine cones.  Take them home, let them dry out a few days (the pine cones, not the kids), then together, spray the cones with glitter or fake snow.  Add the cones to a centerpiece or add ribbon to hang them on your tree.

THEIR OWN MINI-TREE TO DECORATE:  Let your children each pick out a small artificial tree that they can keep in their room.  Tell them they have to either make the decorations themselves (see ideas above) or go with you to a craft store or online to pick out their personal decorations.

INVOLVE THEM IN THE HOLIDAY DINNER:  Baking cookies and treats with your children will always create a cherished moment.  But for older children, why not let them help you make some of the other traditional dishes?  Mixing stuffing or sweet potato casserole and other dishes might even encourage their cooking skills when they become adults!

SLEDS, SAUCERS, SNOW GEAR:  For those living in an area that is guaranteed plenty of snow, if your young kids have never had sleds or saucers, maybe this year they are old enough to get out there and play in the snow.  Don’t wait too long to purchase winter sleds and saucers. Shop now for warm snow boots, gloves, etc. for your children so they (literally) don’t get left out in the cold!  And don’t just toss the kids outside to play in the snow – GET OUT THEIR WITH THEM!  Ride down that hill on their sleds with them (yes, you CAN be 10 again)!  Build that awesome snowman (best in the neighborhood), build a snow wall or snow fort and have that snowball fight!  And remember, when it comes to outside activities, keep a very close eye on them — or better yet, join them, to make sure they are safe. 

FAMILY FUN:  Companies are now offering “family pajamas” online!  YES, everyone in the whole family – INCLUDING PETS, can have cute, fun matching PJS!  With everyone stuck at home together, why not all get into your matching jammies and have an old-fashioned “family pajama party!”

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