Jesus Stamped Our Bill: PAID IN FULL

The hymn, Christ the Lord is Risen Today, has always been my favorite Easter song.  There is no better inspirational music than some of our old-time Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving hymns.

Sadly, the only time you hear them anymore is in church and even then, your favorite ones may have fallen by the wayside.  During the Christmas season, I went online in search of good, old fashioned Christmas hymns and was disappointed at the lack of selection and availability.  It is hard to find those wonderful, inspirational old-time hymns.

Easter is such a spiritual and motivational time of year – Jesus sacrificed His life for us – it doesn’t get any better than that!  YES, HE PAID THE ULTIMATE PRICE – AND NOW OUR BILL IS PAID IN FULL!

We celebrate His life and our own rebirth as spring wakes up with scenes of colorful Easter Lilies, Hyacinths and Daffodils.  Forsythia burst into stunning strands of festive golden yellow, grass starts taking on a fresher, greener look and robins are touting the first peek at spring.  LIFE IS GOOD in spite of the coronavirus.

The 3 songs below reinforce why we celebrate Easter.  They are my personal favorites and, I’ve included a bit of their background.  I hope they bring back good memories for you, too:

Christ The Lord Is Risen Today:  Penned by Charles Wesley in the 1730’s, it was written for the celebration of Easter.  It’s a strong and triumphant song of victory over death.

Up From The Grave He Arose (also known as:  Christ Arose and Low In the Grave He Lay):  Written by Robert Lowry in the 1800’s – its jubilant proclamation of Christ rising up from the grave in defiance of death makes me proud to be a Christian whenever I hear it.

The Old Rugged Cross:  So solemn and heart-wrenching, yet providing us with hopeI will cling to the old rugged Cross and exchange it some day for a crown.”  A song of pain and freedom.  Written by George Bennard in the early 1900’s.

As you celebrate this quiet Easter season alone or with your family, remember the price Jesus paid to save us.

Let us give thanks for all that God and Jesus have to offer in our lives:  Our rebirth, renewal and salvation.


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