Holiday Gift Ideas

Below are more ideas to help you finish off your shopping.  But there’s one gift that will always fit, won’t break and won’t wear out.  In fact, it will last forever!  Give the gift of MEMORIES that will last a lifetime.

MAKE A MEMORY:  Treat a friend or loved one to lunch or dinner at a restaurant they’ve never been to before.  Follow it up with a unique place to have coffee and dessert afterwards.

Outings and day trips make great gifts for your closest friends or parents.  There’s no better gift than spending quality time with those you love and care about.

MUSEUMS, PLAYS, CONCERTS, GARDENS:  These places can be an all-day treat for someone you love.   Treat them to a lunch or dinner or to a coffee house afterwards.

GETAWAY WEEKEND:  Who doesn’t need a weekend retreat now and then?  Take a loved one to the beach, mountains or one of their favorite towns.  Plan on where you want to take them, then type up a certificate or note card, stating that they are entitled to a getaway weekend at (place/city) with you, expenses paid.  Be sure to let them pick the dates BEFORE you book it. 

Bed and Breakfasts are also great getaways.  See the Bell Clemmons Bed and Breakfast (Southport, NC) post under my “STYLE” category for a review on this fabulous B & B.

FOR COFFEE LOVERS:  A stocking filled with various types of gourmet coffees (be sure to find out if they use whole bean, ground or K-cups).  Unique gourmet coffees are sold everywhere.  You can also add scones, traditional German stollen or Christmas cookies.  For that “extra” holiday spirit, include a small bottle of Bailey’s Irish Cream (great in coffee).

FOR FASHIONABLE COFFEE LOVERS: Check out the gourmet coffee selection at Harrell’s Department Store in Burgaw, NC (outside of Wilmington, NC).  They carry a wide range of seasonal coffee blends plus trendy and unique clothing and accessories.  OR visit them online at:

WINE & SPIRITS:  If giving wine or other spirits, make it special by including a gift bag assortment of their favorite gourmet cheeses, crackers, olives, marinated vegetables, cheeseboard, cheese plate, etc.

For something different, consider a specialty eggnog instead of the usual bottle of wine.

TIP:   Check your local ABC stores for seasonal items such as gourmet eggnogs, boxed gifts that can include nice cocktail glasses or shakers, etc.   Some of the seasonal items can be at a terrific price and ready to give!

HARDWARE STORES:  HUH??  Yup!  Even hardware stores and retailers like Home Depot carry all kinds of seasonal items.  I found solar stakes at Home Depot featuring glowing glass snowmen, Santas and polar bears.   There were fun holiday statues, holiday planters filled with live plants at a great price, and small trees in festive pots ready to take home.  Their “special purchase” aisles were chocked full of unique swiss army knives, outstanding work gloves, nicely boxed drill sets and other sets of tools for the do-it-yourselfer.

SCOUR THE GROCERY AISLES:  Every grocery store has seasonal items – many at fabulous prices.  This time of year it’s easier than ever to find stocking stuffers and gourmet goodies.  Specialty chocolates, cookies in a tin, artisan crackers, gourmet pickles, olives, cherries, etc.   Also check the “International aisle” for sauces, spices and marinades.

If you are lucky enough to have a Trader Joe’s, they are heavily laden with all kinds of holiday gift boxes – i.e., assorted olive oils, honeys, European chocolates, cookies, etc..  They even carry holiday scented candles, gift soaps and beauty boxes for your female friends.

Grocery stores carry a wide variety of many super snacks – from nut mixes, to designer chips, to stellar marinades, pickled veggies, olives, jellies, jams, etc. — all screaming to be tossed into a stocking!

FITBIT MONITORS/TRACKERS:  Make great gifts for friends who want to get into shape for the New Year and need a boost of motivation.

JIGSAW PUZZLES, SUDOKU, CROSSWORDS & OTHER BRAIN GAMES are perfect for friends that love to snuggle in.  Brain Games help everyone stay sharp at any age.

FOR BEAUTY CONSCIOUS FRIENDS:  Stocking stuffers of specialty soaps, tinted or plain designer lip balms, lip scrubs, foot scrubs, soothing scented holiday candle, bath salts, skin softening body lotions.

Need more ideas?  Click on my blog’s BOOK CATEGORY and NATURE category (gift ideas for nature lovers).

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