Hark the Herald, Angels are Singing

There is no doubt – 2020 is one of the most challenging years of our lives.  Our world is constantly in transition – but this year, our ever-changing world is changing faster than ever!

For most of us, these holidays have been quite different.  People aren’t able to interact with friends and family like they used to.  Large parties and revelry have been squelched – folks are staying home.

But this year of staying planted, whether you are alone or with immediate friends or family, gives you the perfect opportunity to pause and reflect.  In the past, I’ve heard so many folks say that they are so stressed over the holidays, they have NO time to even enjoy them and just want them over with!  They have truly missed the point.

Christmas is not about buying the “perfect” gift, the entertaining, etc.  It is simply the time to celebrate the birth of Jesus.   While I truly do miss having friends and family over for the holidays and all the parties and good cheer, I am also relishing this extra time to myself to re-visit the true meaning of Christmas.

Take some time to really listen to our cherished Christmas hymns.  Their stories of glad tidings are written with perfection.  Our old-time hymns are chapters in the story of the birth of Jesus and the celebration that follows.  Away In A Manger is really where the story starts.  It Came Upon a Midnight Clear adds strength and depth to the lowly manger scene with its subtle reminder of His birth, while Hark, the Herald Angels Sing belt out, in no uncertain terms, glory to our newborn king.   We Three Kings continues the story with their journey to visit the Christ child, bearing gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.  O’ Come All Ye Faithful invites all of us who believe, to come and adore Him.  Joy To The World links His birth with everyone, everywhere.

And as far as worrying and stressing about finding or affording that perfect gift, we can all take lessons from The Little Drummer Boy, who was saddened by the fact that he had nothing for Baby Jesus.  He humbly “played the drum for Him” as his gift.

There is no better year than this year, to take the time to think about the true meaning of Christmas – to sit back and be thankful for our blessings in spite of the many obstacles that we may face.  If you are feeling down, listen to some of our beautiful Christmas hymns that tell the “real” story of Christmas – without any commercialism.  Make this the Christmas you put your burdens in the hands of God and re-affirm your beliefs and faith.

Sadly, some of our old-time hymns are slowly fading away, being replaced with more modern ones.  But there will never be anything that compares to them.  Even though they were from a different era and different time, their messages are pristinely clear and still relevant even in 2020.

Nowadays you can stream and download music or listen on CDs.  Enjoy these uplifting, traditional hymns and others, while having your morning coffee, baking cookies, enjoying a meal, or just sitting in a comfy chair lost in thought.  Let these songs bring you inner peace and re-enforce the reason of the season.  Hark the herald, angels sing, glory to the newborn King…peace on Earth!


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!  Wonder Women Sixty is taking a few days off to quietly celebrate at home, but will be back right after Christmas with more book reviews, New Year Posts, recipes, author interviews, etc.

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