Halloween “Must Read” Cozy Mysteries

Halloween is a time for thrills and chills AND COZY MYSTERIES!  I always say, a good book is timeless – and that’s the case with some of my all-time favorite Halloween cozies.  Some of them are older – but if you love a good Halloween cozy, make sure these are ALL on your reading list.  Plus they are still available at Amazon or other booksellers.

Two of these authors have incredible longevity when it comes to cozies.  Laura Levine and Kaitlyn Dunnett have been giving us superb and downright fabulous cozies for so long, they could probably write them blindfolded while walking a plank!  Be sure to check out my BOOK/MYSTERIES category for interviews with these steadfast and creative ladies.   AND:  more of their book reviews coming soon!

Ellen Byron’s “just released” Murder In The Bayou Boneyard didn’t surprise me one bit. I knew from the first few pages, this was going to wind up being one of my favorite Halloween mysteries.  Ms. Byron’s Cajun setting is particularly perfect for her intricately woven tale, and she even tosses in a rougarou siting (gotta love it).  See my full review under my BOOK/MYSTERIES category.

Alexis Morgan gives us a well-plotted Halloween mystery that’s also downright sweet and endearing.  A feel-good tale for a chilly fall evening.  Read her cozy snuggled under the covers, and when you’ve finished her book, you’ll drift off with sweet dreams instead of a visit from Freddy Kruger!

Fans of the G.A. McKevett will revel in her Savannah Reid series spinoff, based on her Granny Reid character.  I simply fell in love with this new series starring the sassiest southern granny around!  In Murder in the Corn Maze, feisty Granny Reid is raising 7 young ‘uns all by herself, including little Savannah Reid.  It’s filled with southern slang, warmth and humor – and, of course, a body in the corn maze!


Murder In the Bayou Boneyard by Ellen Byron, A Cajun Country Mystery

Vampires, Bones and Treacle Scones by Kaitlyn Dunnett, A Liss MacCrimmon Scottish Mystery

Death of a Neighborhood Witch by funny lady Laura Levine, A Jaine Austen Mystery

Murder in the Corn Maze by G.A. McKevett, A Granny Reid Mystery

Death By Jack-O-Lantern by Alexis Morgan, an Abbey McCree Mystery

And don’t forget to check out my current Halloween cozy review for Nancy Coco’s, Fudge Bites.  Pet friendly, and sure to please cozy mystery fans and pet lovers alike!


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