Gratitude Prayers – by June Cotner

Gratitude Prayers: prayers, poems and prose for everyday thankfulness by June Cotner

This little book measures only 4 x 5 ½”, yet provides a powerful punch when it comes to wonderful verses, poems and prayers to help you stay positive as we continue life’s  journey with God.

Chapters include:  Simple Pleasures, Faith and Courage, Friends and Family, Prayers and Blessings, Reflections, Gratitude Boosters and many others.  With over 100 pages of inspirational and positive thoughts, it is sure to brighten your day or someone else’s.

It’s also the perfect little book to tuck in with a bouquet of flowers, bind it with ribbon around a box of candy or mail it to someone who needs hope and inspiration.

I love the simplicity of this book.  It will make you ponder, laugh, reflect and appreciate some of the more basic things in life that we all tend to overlook or take for granted.  In this day and age when God seems to sometimes get overlooked or even forgotten, this book will serve as a reminder of everyday miracles that surround us – we just have to pay attention to see them.  There is awe and wonder in all of our lives, which helps to balance out the “bad stuff” that at one time or another, inevitably shows up at our doorsteps.

Let the love of God into your life, and I hope this little book of Gratitude Prayers brings you inspiration and comfort as you go through everyday challenges.


Note:  June Cotner is a Best-Selling author of books to inspire and enrich our everyday lives.  Some of her other books include:  Comfort Prayers, Life is a Gift, Christmas Blessings and Soar; Follow Your Dreams

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