You can smell it in the air – Christmas is here and the New Year is just a blink or snowflake away.  The holidays permeate our senses with the joy and wonder of the season.  Folks run around finishing up last minute Christmas shopping and are preparing for that special holiday meal.

On Christmas Eve parents make sure there’s a full plate of cookies and milk just for Santa.  They nudge their children to go to bed so when they wake up they will find a treasure trove of gifts.  It’s truly an exciting time for both young and old.

But no matter what gifts you receive from friends or family, whether they be great or small, there’s always a gift waiting on Christmas Day just for YOU.  It isn’t wrapped with festive bows and ribbons – it’s not wearable or edible — in fact, it’s downright hard to even see!

Every year on Christmas day we are “gifted” with the celebration, the reminder, that Jesus Christ was born this day to save us all.  What better gift can there be?  I can think of no other.

So this holiday season as you open your gifts under the tree from friends and family and perhaps pounce upon a holiday feast, be grateful for the gift that was given to us so many years ago, Baby Jesus — a precious gift from God to us.


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