Gift Ideas for Children and Teens


Pop-Up Books are always entertaining to the little ones as each page slowly opens.  There’s pop-ups on trucks, firehouses, construction, fairy tales, holiday tales, even cartoon pops ups.

Engaging Books:   Books that have your kids interacting such as The Busy Train Book (comes with tiny train and pages that open up flat into train tracks) or books like The Wind Up Bus Book where pages pull out and connect together.

The Night Before Christmas:  Give a well-illustrated hardbound version of The Night Before Christmas or even a coloring book or pop-up version.  A nice Night Before Christmas book would be great book to pass down to future generations.

Highlights Magazine:  As a kid, I couldn’t get to the mail box fast enough for my monthly Highlights Magazine.  As in the past, it’s still chocked full of kid’s hand-on crafts, promotes creativity, sharpens thinking skills, strengthens reading abilities, and encourages one-on-one time.  Subscriptions available based on age:  0-2, 2-6 and 6-12.  It’s also a gift that gives 12 times a year.

Little Golden Books:  Find your favorite Little Golden Books online.  There’s also a 75-Year Anniversary boxed set featuring 12 beloved editions of the classic children’s books.

Old School Cartoons:  Books (including coloring books), DVDs, etc.  Old school cartoons are still just as amusing as they were back in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.  Introduce your children or grandchildren to the likes of Disney’s Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and all the others.  And don’t forget cartoons like Curious George, The Jetsons, Popeye, The Flintstones, Top Cat etc.

Outdoor Gifts:  For children that live in snowy states:  Snow sleds, tubes and saucers.  Warm outdoor mittens, caps, socks, boots, etc. in their favorite colors.

MINDWARE Catalog:  This catalog came in my mail box.  It’s chocked full of really fun kids games and toys that will not only occupy them, but also provide learning skills.  Sure wish my folks saw this catalog when I was a kid.  Check it out!



Sleepshirts, fun pajamas and loungewear in festive prints and plaids.

Gift Cards:  It’s easy to buy toys for little kids, but teens are very picky.  Let them get what they “really want.”  If your teenager frequents certain retail stores, tech stores or online shops, give them a gift card so they can pick out exactly what they want when they want it.  Not sure which stores?  Then get them an Amazon Gift Card – it’s always a good choice since they seem to carry just about everything!

Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys Mysteries are truly timeless!  For young teens who love to read, you can’t go wrong with “the classics!”

Older Teens/young adults who love their Coffee: and/or fast-food:  Again, a gift card is something they will use.

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