Gift Ideas for Book Lovers

If you want to get a jump on your holiday gift giving or just need a gift for a birthday or other occasion, consider giving a book. There are books out there for almost every topic – gardening, bird watching, cooking, DIY projects, antiques, etc. – not to mention those cozy mysteries and thrillers! For some folks, a book can be a perfect gift. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Coffee table books are great to have around. Folks love picking up books and thumbing through them. Coffee table books are usually laced with plenty of photos and interesting facts on whatever the topic may be.

FOR OLD SCHOOL ROCKERS: There are all kinds of informative books on rock icons such as Jimi Hendrix, Buddy Holly, The Doors, Prince, etc. There’s also rock coffee table books and compilations that cover several decades of music.

Here are some of my personal picks. I recently checked and they were still available on Amazon and other booksellers – but don’t wait too long, books, like lots of other items, could have limited supplies:

BOOZE AND VINYLa spirited guide to great music and mixed drinks by Andre Darlington and Tenaya Darlington is a fabulous coffee table book. It’s not overly large, but is laced with some truly dynamic cocktails (with recipes) and the classic vinyl favorites (and history) to pair with them. Brimming with rock star bios, info and photos, it’s just a great book to have sitting out. In fact there’s a 2nd version of this book due to release in April, and I simply can’t wait to get my copy of it!  (you can pre-order it on Amazon)

I AM CHARLIE WILSON by Charlie Wilson, front man for the Gap Band. Read my review under the Books/General Category on this site. This is just a fabulous story of how the Gap Band came to be and their trials and tribulations. It’s also very inspiring for anyone who feels like they are going through some trying times. Paperback and Hardcover still available at booksellers/retailers. A review for this book and others, can be found on this site in the BOOKS/GENERAL category.

FOR COZY MYSTERY FANS: Check out my reviews on this site under BOOKS/MYSTERY category, then snag a book or two for a friend. Looking for a great Christmas cozy mystery for gift-giving (or for yourself) – check back next week for Wonder Women Sixty’s “MUST READ HOLIDAY COZIES” – the best of the best.

FOR ANTIQUES and NOSTALGIA BUFFS: Look for books spilling over with photos of gorgeous antiques and their history. You should be able to even find books on the Art Deco era, the Art Nouveau era, general antiques, etc.

For Midcentury modern fans AND nostalgia buffs, my personal pick is: MIDCENTURY CHRISTMAS, Holiday Fads, Fancies, and Fun from 1945 to 1970, by Sarah Archer. I bought the hardcover edition that measures approx. 8” x 8” – a great size for a small coffee table. I fell in love with all the retro photos in color and black/white from that era and thoroughly enjoyed the stories behind all the holiday traditions. It’s the kind of book I put out on my coffee table every Christmas and find myself randomly flipping through it – providing an instant portal that takes me back in time.


Books abound on the wonders of nature. If you have someone who enjoys feeding the birds and keeping an eye on them, look for books for “backyard birders.” Or find a book on bird identification and bird bios – but with so many books out there, be sure you find a book that has birds specific to the area the gift recipient lives in – i.e., birds in the west are very different from birds in the east and north, etc.

Gardening books are also plentiful – from beautiful coffee table books to general “how-to” books, there’s more than enough to choose from. When it comes to flowers, there’s also books on perennials vs. annuals. There are even books on growing your own herbs, container gardening, gardens for small spaces, etc.

FOR KIDS: There’s nothing more fun than a POP-UP book or activity book. I still have fond memories of the unique pop-up books our mom read to us as kids. Activity books and coloring books were also a big hit – what young child doesn’t like coloring, dot-to-dots, etc.? If giving coloring or activity books, be sure to also give them a set of new crayons and/or colored pencils.

BASKET IT: Whatever book or books you decide to give, consider giving the books in a gift-basket.

Line a basket with a festive dish towel or colorful holiday straw. Add a few unique/fun bookmarks — perhaps add a tin of gourmet hot coco or coffee, chocolate stirring sticks, or a coffee mug geared towards the theme: i.e., for gardeners a coffee mug with a garden image or garden saying, etc. Add some luscious chocolates or even wine and cheese. Tailor it to their liking – and they will really appreciate your extra effort. For those who love to snuggle with a good book, you can even add a comfy throw as a gift. OR GIFT BAG IT: Use the same idea above, but place the items in a colorful tissued gift bag instead of a basket.

This is a great time to be creative. Put on your thinking cap – if you know someone who loves books, now is a good time to find their perfect gift.


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