Getting Bored? Enjoy These Simple Ideas!

Sometimes it’s hard to find the “positive” in the negative – especially while the negative seems never ending.  You know what I’m talking about – the badass Coronavirus that has people across the world reeling from its terrifying effects.

Here are some Old School ideas to help keep you occupied as we all get through these turbulent times:


FIND YOUR HIDDEN TALENTS:  Oil painting, water colors, sketch, write a book or short story, learn a new language, etc.

RECONNECT with old friends or folks you haven’t talked to in a while.  DON’T email them, get away from your computer (you’re probably on it waaaaay too much), go Old School and pick up the phone to call them.

DISCOVER new TV shows.  Sounds lame – but there are a lot of shows on TV that you may have overlooked, check them out.  Consider trying out new cable channels.

START A CONTAINER GARDEN:  Peruse seed and plant websites.  Now is a great time to start seeds and seedlings since you are at home and have the time to give them extra TLC.  Even if you don’t have a container now, buy the seeds and/or plants and get them growing.  When this is all over, you’ll be able to get out to a store and pick out a container.

BOOKS:  e-books are abundant, but how about going Old School?  Order a hardcover or paperback, pull up a lounge chair, sip some country lemonade (or rum punch) and enjoy!  Check out the book review sections on my site to get you started.

SEW WHAT?  Do you have a sewing machine you haven’t touched in years?  Maybe you used to enjoy sewing, but never had the time….well you have the time NOW.  Mend some clothes or take old clothes or t-shirts and SEW SOMETHING – pillows, quilts, table runners – get creative!

BLOOMING FLOWERS/PLANTS:  Perfect time to split off your well established flowers or plants to get new ones started.  Plant them in other parts of your yard OR drop them off to a friend or neighbor to brighten their day.  Add a bow or ribbon to the pot – jazz it up with things laying around the house.  Plastic swizzle sticks or plastic knives or forks can be used to affix a note or card.

BRAIN GAMES:  jigsaw puzzle (see Jigsaw Puzzle post), crossword puzzles, word searches, etc. are not only entertaining and addictive, but can help keep your brain sharp! (and there are kid versions too).

PAMPER:  try an in-home face mask, soak in a luxurious lavender or bubble bath.

REFRESH YOUR HOME:   Do a DEEP cleaning, thin out your wardrobe and closets.

BAKE A CAKE OR COOKIES or try out some new easy recipes that you’ll want to hang on to after this is all over!

PLAN YOUR FIRST DAY TRIP for when this is all over!    Have a plan so that on the first beautiful day when things re-open, you can jump in the car and GO!

PLAN A VACATION OR WEEKEND GETAWAY:   Now is the time to check out places for late summer or fall.  You may be able to find some good rates on places you always wanted to go to, but didn’t have the budget.  Planning a vacation or weekend getaway gives you something special to look forward to.  Just be sure to find out what their cancellation policy is since no one knows how long this will really last.  Get the cancellation policy “in writing.”

LITTLE THINGS:  My huge lilac tree is in full bloom.  There are plenty of walkers in my neighborhood and every year, many of them literally stop at my curbside tree and smell the lilacs.  When I tell them to please feel free to take some home, their faces light up — comments ranged from:  “Oh that is so sweet,”  “You made my morning,”  “Are you sure?” (starts picking before I could answer) then adds: “This is great!”  “That’s the sweetest thing ever!”  One woman whipped out her camera to photograph the tree before she took a bouquet of lilacs home.

Who would think such a simple gesture can bring so many smiles?   It’s these little things that were always important and are more important, now more than ever.

Our Mom always reminded us to stop and smell the roses…but here in my neighborhood, its stop and smell the lilacs!  Enjoy life’s simple pleasures.

Social distancing is essential, constant hand washing is critical, self-quarantine if necessary and follow your local state and county guidelines.  But in spite of it all, be thankful for life’s blessings, both great and small.


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