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Six years ago I began to realize how hectic life had become not just for me, but for almost everyone around me.  So many people worked long hours and juggled family issues, health concerns and other curve balls that seem to come out of nowhere.

I knew it was time to “streamline” everything – not just physical objects in my home, but also my time and the way I handled things.  I realized many times I was making things more complicated than they needed to be – simplify became my motto.

I also realized I can’t “do and be” everything to everybody.  Sometimes you have to be able to say “no” just to save yourself, your own sanity or your finances.

Simplifying takes a conscious effort.  Take some time to evaluate your life: your routines, how you deal with certain situations, how much quality time you have for yourself, what things you’ve been putting off and how much time you spend doing things you don’t want to do because you are “guilted” into doing them. Make simplifying one of your goals to give yourself more time to focus on the things that are most important to you.

Simplifying and enjoying life are the two reasons I started this blog.  I wanted to remind folks of the simple things in life that sometimes go unnoticed or forgotten and many times, are free.  I wanted to share easy ideas and tips on health, gardening, nature and even book reviews – all in a streamlined, easy-to-read manner.  Let’s make our time truly “quality” time.

A few quick start ways to simplify:

  1. If you have boxes of “stuff” from years gone by, left unpacked and untouched, what’s the point?  If you haven’t opened the boxes or used the contents by now, you probably never will.  Get unpacking and donating.  Freeing up space frees up your mind.
  2. Clothing that is outdated or you haven’t worn in years – wash it and donate it. Someone is in dire need of your coat or sweater that is just “laying around.”  They REALLY need, you don’t (or it wouldn’t be laying around).
  3. Make a list of goals of everything: Whether it’s dropping some pounds, eating better, fixing the leaky roof, or repairing a broken tile – write it down and focus on knocking these items off your list throughout the year.
  4. Learn to say “no.” Prime examples:  you’re tired and beat down from work, yet your friends pressure you to go out to dinner.  All you want to do is stay home and chill – but you go anyway – after all, you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.  Or you volunteer for an organization and they keep asking you to do more and more – and you keep accepting, even though it’s more than you can handle.  It’s ok say NO.  You won’t be any good to anyone as a friend or volunteer if you burn yourself out.
  5. Take time to focus and de-clutter your mind. Spend time with yourself and consciously make that effort to make changes that will ultimately enhance the quality of your life.  Unfortunately, it isn’t a one-shot deal.  As you carry on day-to-day activities, you will need to keep reminding yourself to stay focused on simplifying.  After a while, it will come more naturally!

Three years ago I decided I wanted to share simple, easy information and ideas with others through Wonder Women Sixty.

I chose the nature category because there are so many beautiful aspects of nature that are absolutely free.  God has given us an abundance of flowers, birds, mountains, beaches, the clouds in the sky and unlimited interesting critters.   No matter where you live, there is nature surrounding you.  When was the last time you studied the clouds?  Paid attention to the birds singing in the trees?  Admired that 50 foot old oak tree?  Stopped to smell the proverbial roses?

The health category was chosen since as we get older, staying healthy to increase our longevity becomes important.  The style category was created to showcase ideas, easy DIY projects or products that may enhance your lifestyle.  The opportunities category provides ideas on life’s opportunities i.e., from helping others to creating your own opportunities to improve the quality of your life.

The music category was added because music can bring joy into our lives and sooth our soul.  Be it classical, gospel, country or good old rock and roll – for many people, having music in their life lifts their spirits and makes them happy.

As a book-lover myself, I had to have a book category.  I crave the printed word.  Books can teach us or entertain us.  They can make our lives better with ideas and advice.  They can take us on journeys to places we’ve never been or would like to visit.  You can travel, solve a mystery or learn something new all from the comfort of your armchair.

I’m often asked how I choose books or products for review.  Most of the books I review, I’ve purchased from booksellers.  Sometimes I get them as gifts, or from authors or publishers.  For the record I do not get paid to review any books or products.  I brings these to you because I personally believe in them and feel they are of value or interest – a way to make your life a little brighter and in some cases, better.

I want to thank everyone who has followed the blog and shared my posts.  Your patronage helps Wonder Women Sixty grow to promote positive ideas and positive attitudes.  In the near future there will be more frequent posts and reviews in all the categories.  Life is short – let’s make it really count. 

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