EZ Summer Casual Style

Since I’ve been working from home the last 5 years, I have an entirely different clothing style then when I worked at a marketing company.  With many of you working from home or just simply retired, finding your “comfort clothing” style without looking sloppy or dumpy might be easier than you think.

They say “clothes make the man (or woman)” – and to some degree that’s true.  Clothes can instantly change a mood.  Outfits can make you feel classy, plain, happy-go-lucky, trendy, etc.

I’m not on any “face-time” or “Zoom” calls.  My attire in summer is cotton knit cropped pants that let you breathe and move freely, coupled with a soft, comfy colorful T-Shirt.  There’s solid color T-shirts in every cut and style imaginable to choose from.  But when it comes to happy, colorful T’s, nothing beats the Life Is Good® brand.   An assortment of yellows, oranges, hot pinks, and pastels – all emblazoned with positive messages, are the perfect summer “go-to.”

Every morning I look forward to picking out the perfect T-Shirt. When you don a T-shirt with upbeat sayings like:  You can’t use up creativity, Spread good vibes, Life Is Good® however you take it– it’s a subtle way to get your day off to a good start.

FOOTLOOSE:  When it comes to your feet, there’s something out there for everyone:   For Flip flop lovers, there’s brands with raised support in a multitude of colors (I love Okabashi brand). There are more casual sandals made for style and comfort than ever before.  You’ll find sandals made for walking, hiking as well as every day wear.  There’s also sandals made especially for folks with foot issues. Why confine yourself to a closed, heavy shoe during blistering summer heat?

Leisurewear, track suits, etc., can also be lightweight and carefree during summer and fall.  A common mistake is buying your clothing too tight, which defeats the purpose of being comfortable.  While you don’t want them too baggy, it’s kind of like the “3 Bears” story – you got to try several before you find one that’s “just right.”  Be sure you look for clothes that are thin and breathable – and with this heat, my preference is knee-length.  Most fashionable are the solid color pants with a single, double or triple stripe down one side or both sides.  Stripes are “in”.  Pair with a loose cotton top and a fitness shoe flaunting airy “mesh” to keep your feet ventilated.

Make even the most casual clothes “hip” by adding a splash (or two or three) of jewelry and/or bling.  A couple rings, casual cuff bracelet or a dangling pendant, will complete the most casual outfit and make you just a little more trendy.  Artsy glossed nails, rhinestone headbands or masks – all guaranteed to jazz up your attire.

When the cooler days of fall arrive, look for heavier cropped knit pants or comfy full length pants to pair with long-sleeve T-shirts and zip up hoodies – fall is the perfect season for layering.

WHO WAS THAT MASKED MAN (OR WOMAN)?  These days with every one looking like they’re ready to pull a heist, the eyes are a focal point.  Casual eye makeup is easy.  Lift and accent eyes with a soft smudge of eyeliner.  Swipe lashes with quick coat of mascara for an instant eye perk.  Find a good eyebrow pencil in a shade to match your natural brow color and in a few quick strokes you’ll have thicker brows.

It’s easy to be casually comfortable, yet “put together” with just a minimal amount of effort.  Whether retired or working from home find a comfy, casual style that’s right for you.

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