EZ Fall Decorating Ideas

According to our calendar, September 22nd marks the first day of Fall.  The seasonal changes may be very subtle or can land abruptly.   Either way, it can be a nice change to have crisper, cooler air and the turning of foliage creating brilliant, colorful landscapes throughout the country.

Why not take the opportunity to refresh your living space with some easy fall decorating tips.  Here are some inexpensive ideas to get you started:

CRITTER COFFEE MUGS & VASES:  Small ceramic creature mugs or vases (see inset) can be charming when tucked into different rooms in your house.  Find dried seedheads, twigs, plants or grasses in your own backyard or at your local craft store (or mix your own with store bought).  Home Goods also carries bouquets of beautiful dried bouquets ($10-$16).  Look for strong contrasting colors and let your imagination run wild.  Add fake flowers (such as the yellow ones in the owl vase) for an instant pop of color.

OUTDOOR/INDOOR WREATH:  The 12” wreath in the inset below was done under 10 minutes with just 3 items:  12” plastic greenery wreath (twig backing), 1 bunch of plastic gold colored foliage sprigs and 1 bunch of vibrant orange fake lilies.  Pluck off individual strands of flowers or sprigs and simply weave them into the wreath (in most cases you won’t even need glue).  The wreath components are all plastic so they can hang outside on the porch and withstand the elements.  If you are keeping the wreath inside you can use components made out of cloth and silk flowers. DOUBLE DUTY:  When fall is over, I’ll simply pluck out the gold sprigs and lilies and replace them with small red Christmas balls and tiny fake candy canes – VOILA – it’s now a Christmas wreath.

COLORFUL BOUQUETS:  Large empty colorful planters, baskets or pots can be weighted down with stones/rocks.  Add an abundance of assorted fall artificial flowers (mums, daisies, etc. in a variety of contrasting colors), to add instant fall color to your porch, balcony or entryway (outdoor or indoor).

TABLE RUNNERS such as the orange pumpkin one (see inset) can be found at reasonable prices and add an immediate festive boost when placed over a long coffee or dining room table.  Runners with a glimmer of sequins will also brighten up a neutral room.  DOUBLE DUTY:  I choose this one with a glittery pumpkin – it’s perfect not for during fall, but for Halloween and Thanksgiving.  I found this one at Home Goods, but runners can be found in other retail stores and online.

COLORFUL THROWS:  Stores, catalogs and online retailers are coming out with grand assortments of fall and winter throws.   Pep up your most comfy sofa or chair with a soft and colorful throw….something you can have nestled around you with that hot cup of apple cider in hand!

LIGHT IT UP!  Catalogs tout gorgeous swags that light up with fairy lights.  Save money by finding your own swags on sale at local craft stores, then add your own electric mini lights or battery powered fairy lights.  Swags draped on a mantel, over a doorway or even over the top of a curtain rod are particularly appealing at night when the tiny lights add a warm glow to your home.

I’m sure you come up with more ways to give your home a fresh touch of autumn.  If you are like most folks right now, you are probably staying home more than usual, so why not give your home that special burst of color and a touch of warmth for those long, chilly fall nights?

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