Easy Halloween Party Treats

Need some quick Halloween treat ideas?  Keep it simple.  These colorful treats are a cinch!

Start with wooden bamboo kabob skewers then simply load them up with a mix of favorite “soft” candies.  Peeps look adorable on the top of the stick (but then again, they look adorable anywhere).  The key is to use soft candy that will not break apart when pierced with the skewer.

Caramel rounds with the vanilla center were always one of my personal favorites, but any soft candy will work.  Try soft licorice, gum drops, fruit sugar slices, soft nougat and even chocolates.  For the chocolate lover you can even thread the entire skewer with chocolate caramels, creams and other chocolatey confections.   Not all chocolate will thread easily, so do a test batch before buying in bulk.  A skewer of chocolates topped with the white Peeps ghosts are just plain delightful!

To keep them fresh and festive, place them in a large, clear cylinder jar (plastic or glass) with a tight sealing lid –they’ll look fabulous on a Halloween table display.  Or, put in a little extra effort and secure each finished skewer in plastic wrap tied with black/orange ribbons for kids (or adults) to grab and go.

EASY CUPCAKES OR CAKE:  Buy your favorite iced cupcakes or iced cake.  Insert a toothpick or piece of bamboo skewer through the bottom of your favorite Peeps leaving an half inch to insert into the top of the cupcake so the Peeps stand upright (great cupcake or cake topper).  Black Cat, Pumpkin or Green Monster Peeps look good on vanilla icing.  Chocolate icing looks good with Ghost or Pumpkin Peeps.  Press a few pieces of candy corn around the Peeps.  Get creative: sheet cakes can have multiple kinds of Peeps strategically placed on the top with small gumdrops or candy corn as accents.

HOT COCO TIP:  Serving hot coco this fall and winter?  Use your favorite Peeps to top off your hot coco instead of traditional marshmallows.  For fall, ghost Peeps are floating smugly on top of my hot chocolate.  During the Christmas season, green Peeps Christmas trees add a dash of holiday fun to my hot coco mug.

KID TIP:  Your kids don’t want to eat the sweet potato casserole?  Add a couple peeps to the top of the casserole a few minutes before you pull it out the oven.  I ran out of marshmallows one year for my Thanksgiving sweet potato casserole, so substituted holiday Peeps!  Looked festive and tasted just as good.

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